Kohler Marine Generator Troubleshooting

Kohler marine generator could have several problems. It may not start, there could be a hard start, it may stop suddenly or lack power, the operation may be erratic, there could be knocks or pings, skips or misfires, backfires and overheating issue. High fuel consumption and other operational lapses or excesses are also problems that must be addressed right away.

There are many causes for most of these common problems and you should get accustomed with a Kohler marine generator troubleshooting guide. Not all solutions are easy and not all problems are diagnosable without technical expertise. You can use this Kohler marine generator troubleshooting guide to understand the causes and hence opt for the appropriate solutions. If that doesn’t work then you should call in a technician and have the generator diagnosed, serviced and fixed.

Generator Doesn’t Start

If a Kohler marine generator doesn’t start, then it could be no fuel or improper fuel, there could be dirt in the fuel line, the oil level may be incorrect or the engine may be overloaded, the dirty air cleaner can be a cause and so can be a faulty spark plug. Changing the fuel is a simple solution. You should anyway ensure that the right fuel is used all the time. Cleaning the fuel line and ensuring correct oil level are again quintessential measures. Engine overload should be avoided at all times but it can happen from time to time. The air cleaner should be cleaned from time to time and replaced when necessary. Check and clean the spark plug if it is at fault. You may have to replace a worn out or damaged spark plug.

Hard Start

A hard start is usually caused by improper fuel, dirt in fuel line, incorrect oil level, engine overload, dirty air cleaner or a faulty spark plug. Please note that there could be more than one factor causing a hard start. In most problems, there can be more than one cause and as you would see the solutions are also similar if not exactly the same.

No Power

If a Kohler marine generator suddenly stops or doesn’t have power, operates erratically or has some kind of knocks and pings, skips and misfires, then the same causes could be responsible. You should check if you have used the right fuel, if there is any dirt buildup and if the engine is not subjected to any overload or unbearable capacity. These problems can also cause overheating. High fuel consumption is usually facilitated by engine overload, dirty air cleaner and faulty spark plug. An old generator would anyway burn more fuel.

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