Kohler Toilet Troubleshooting

Kohler toilet can have the same problems as any other toilet. The honeymoon period may be longer and the brand does make durable toilets so you may not have to think of replacing it entirely for decades. However, you would have the infrequent running toilet, the leaky valves or loosened screws and nuts. You may even have hairline cracks as the toilet gets old. There are temporary fixes and permanent fixes to some problems. Some problems can be repaired while others will require replacing one or more parts. In this Kohler toilet troubleshooting guide we shall talk about some common problems and what you can do to fix them.

Before you check any problem or look for any relevant solution, make a note of the toilet model number that Kohler has issued. You can find it in the tank of the toilet, almost always above the water level. This will help you to find the compatible parts. Kohler has substantial differences with other brands in terms of design and the types of parts used. Do not use incompatible parts.

A Running Toilet

A running toilet is usually because of a problem with the fill valve. Water pressure could be a facilitator or the real cause in some cases. If you have a running Kohler toilet, turn off the water supply, flush the toilet to get rid of the water in the tank, remove the float valve cap which should open by a clockwise turn and you would get the seal. It is usually a black seal. The float valve cap could be damaged, the seal could be clogged or dirty or damaged, there can be dirt buildup around the valve and it is also possible that the valve will be ineffective due to wear and tear. You need to replace the valve and the seal if both have gone kaput. Normal cleaning, flushing and rinsing the seal and the valve would work if they are not substantially damaged.

Water Pressure

You should check the water pressure or the amount of water that accumulates in the tank. You can reduce the water pressure using the main inlet valve. You can reduce the amount of water by lowering the float valve in the tank.

Issues with Flush

There could be issues with the flush. The flush may be erratic or may not be pressured enough, there can be intermittent flushing due to blockage or just a weak flush. Check the outlet, check the rim wash and the flapper chain. Fix the part that is damaged and clean the tank including the inlet and outlet. Tightening the chain can also solve the problem if that is the cause.

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