LG Dishwasher Troubleshooting Problems

Are you having issues with your LG dishwasher? Check out these common troubleshooting problems/questions.

1. What is the Child Lock?

If your model has this function, once activated it will show on the display and as a consequence, the buttons will be locked. This prevents little hands from mashing the buttons and opening the dishwasher. A feature added for child safety. Remember to use a button, you must deactivate the child lock. See your instruction manual for your model.

2. How Do I Improve Drying?

Please remember that there are a few factors that contribute to the trying of your dishes. Although the drying feature of the cycle helps remove the water (evaporate) from the dishes you can help by –

  • Using a rinse aid will reduce surface tension and help dry the dishes quicker.
  • The way you load the machine, see your manual for helpful tips on this but if you overfill the machine not only will it not clean properly but the air will not circulate.
  • Some machines have an additional hot air feature for extra drying, again consult your manual.

3. Can I Change the Cycle While the Machine is Operating?

Sadly no, you cannot. To do this, you must stop and cancel the current cycle.

4. Sometimes There is Water in the Bottom of my Machine.

Sometimes there is residual water from the drying cycle. After the dishwasher has finished, open the door to let the humidity out. The first part of a cycle is drainage to protect the machine from flooding if you listen carefully you can hear the pump being used at the start.

5. What is an Auto Cycle?

On some models, there is a sensor that detects the level of dirt in the load and chooses a programme accordingly to optimize water consumption. All the features will automatically be selected such as wash cycle. For set up details, see the manual.

6. How Much Water Does my Dishwasher Use?

This will differ according to the programme that is used but it is averaged that it uses 3 to 5 times less water than if you were to hand wash the dishes in the sink.

7. Why Does my Machine Make Rattling Noises?

Sometimes dishware can move or rattle due to the high pressure of the water being shot out through the arms. Cutlery may shake and some things that have been poorly balanced may fall or move. For loading tips see your manual. If you hear noises every time you use the machine or a particular noise which isn’t related to the dishes moving as above, you may need to get the machine looked at by an engineer to make sure it isn’t anything damaging it.

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