Moen Faucet Leaking At Base: How to Repair It

Things can get a bit out of hand if you leave the leaking faucet alone. If your Moen faucet is beginning to leak at the base, you have to replace the O-ring for that matter. Take note that Moen faucets are durable in which you only need a few minor repairs over its lifetime. But, since it has begun to leak, you have to replace the said component right on.

Replacing the O-ring can be done above the sink only. In fact, after you shut off the main water valve, you can finish this in about thirty minutes. Here are some easy steps to follow.

1. Shut the Water Supply Off

The water supply can be found beneath the sink. Then, try to open the handle to drain all the water residing from the lines.

2. Observe the Moen Faucet Structure

You can notice that the handle of the faucet is where the O-ring is located. Moen faucets have screws holding the handle under the cap above the faucet. Other models have screws behind the handle. The cap can be pried out using your fingernails.

3. Take Out the Spout Retainer

Use a hex wrench to take out the hex screw that holds the faucet handle. Try to lift off the handle and escutcheon from the valve. Then, you have to unscrew the spout retainer nut from single-handled faucets. The spout should be twisted back and forth so that it can be pulled off from the faucet.

4. Remove the O-Ring

The O-ring can be seen from this point. Try to pull it off the valve body and discard it. Then, you need to keep the valve dry and use a combination of water and vinegar to remove any buildup of hard water from the valve. After that, you need to let the body dry.

5. Replace the O-Ring

The interior of the O-ring should be rubbed with silicone grease. Then, you can slip the new O-ring after that onto the faucet valve body.

6. Reattach the Spout Retainer

The handle should be reassembled back after replacing the O-ring. You need to reattach the spout retainer nut for single-handed faucet designs. You have to push into place the spout and replace the handle and the escutcheon. You can now tighten the screw so that everything will be held in one place. Don’t forget to replace the cap after that.

7. Turn Water Supply Back On

After performing this task, you have to test the faucet for any leaks. Sometimes, newly installed mechanical gaskets like the O-ring can cause some leaks if not properly set up. After taking the steps carefully, you should be able to use the faucet in no time at all.

Make sure that you have all the materials in place before you perform this procedure. Hex wrench set, silicone grease, soft cloth, water, and vinegar are among the materials you need to have before heading on to fix your leaking Moen faucet.

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