Moen Shower Valve Leaking: What to Do

Dealing with a leaky shower valve early on can save you a lot of money and time. So, when faced with shower valve leaks in the bathroom, it is important to take care of business right away. But, first, you have to shut off the main water supply before starting to fix this. Likewise, it is essential to acquire the materials even prior to shutting the water supply in your home. Here are some steps that you can follow when you come across this type of situation in your bathroom.

1. The Control Valve

Notice that on top of the control valve is a plastic cover. Try to pry it out and remove the screw in the middle of the knob with a Phillips screwdriver. You also need to loosen a couple of screws securing the escutcheon plate and then pull this plate from the wall. If needed, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to pry it out, but do it gently. Avoid scratching the finish if possible.

2. The U-Shaped Cartridge

You may now pull the stop tube out of the cartridge. This can be done by using a pair of pliers. Then, pull the cartridge retainer clip from the valve body. You can find a small spacer washer on it. Just slide it off the shaft and keep it together with the retainer clip.

3. The Plastic Nut Tool

Note that there is a plastic nut-like instrument that goes with the cartridge when you purchase a replacement. Slip it over the shaft to enable it to interlock with the cartridge. Then, you need to turn it in a back and forth direction using a pair of pliers to release the cartridge from the valve. You may then remove the nut by the pliers to pull the cartridge stem straight out the valve body.

4. The Replacement Cartridge

Take the new replacement cartridge that you prepared earlier. You need to push this straight into the valve body until it is settled. Take the nut tool and slip it onto the cartridge. Then, you have to slide back the U-shaped retainer clip into the valve body so that it can snap back into place. Notice that if it doesn’t snap into place, it hasn’t been seated properly.

5. The Water Supply

You can now turn on the water supply back after doing the previous procedure. Just mount the faucet knob temporarily on the shaft. After that, you need to turn on the hot water by holding a bucket under the showerhead. Take note that if the water didn’t get hot, the cartridge needs to be readjusted using the nut tool. Check again right after if that made any difference.

6. Return the Components

Take the stop tube and slide it back to the valve body, after putting back the small spacer washer on the shaft. You need to replace the escutcheon plate and secure this with a couple of screws by tightening it up. You also have to put the plastic knob back into place and secure the cover plate on top of the screw.

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