Samsung Dishwasher Troubleshooting Codes

4E – No water found in the tub.
Check your water supply cut-off valve and make sure it is fully opened. Check the inlet valve also for clogs, if the inlet screen seems to be clogged replace the whole water valve to avoid debris entering the valve body. It is also recommended to check the wiring connections of the water inlet valve for any loose connections.

4E1 – The dishwasher’s water is more than 176 degrees.
Check the temperature of the water found in your kitchen. In case the temperature is higher than 120 degrees, adjust your water heater.

tE1 – Temperature sensor error.
After unplugging the dishwasher, check the wire harness of the temperature sensor for any loose wires. Replace the harness if needed.

5E – Draining is slow or not working.
Check the sink drain and the drain hose and pump for clogs and clear them. In case the hose or the pump is clogged, it might need replacement.

oE – overflow Error.
Disconnect your dishwasher from electrical power. If filling of the tub stops once you have disconnected, your main power board assembly should be replaced. In case the tub does not stop to fill your water inlet will need a replacement.

LE – Water leak.
Check for any signs of a possible water leak around your dishwasher. Replace the faulty components.

HE – Heater failure.
Check the connections of the heater after unplugging your dishwasher. In case your heater seems to function well, replace the main power board assembly. In case the heater is damaged, replace it.

HE1 – Temperature sensor detected 176+ degree tub water.
Disconnect your dishwasher from electrical power. Check the tub water’s temperature. In case the water is around 176 degrees, the main power board assembly needs to be replaced. If the temperature is lower than 176 degrees, the temperature sensor needs replacement.

9E – Low water level.
Check the dishes in the washing machine, as they might have got filled with water. Check the harness of the water level’s sensor for loose wires. In case the harness seems to be damaged, replace it. If the harness seems to be undamaged, replace the water level sensor.

bE2 – A button stuck on the control panel.
Check all the buttons on the control panel to free up the stuck key. In case your attempt is not successful, replace the control panel.

PE – Half-load.
After unplugging your dishwasher, check the distributor plate motor and the microswitch for any loose wires. In case the harness of the wire is damaged, replace it. In case the harness seems to be undamaged, your distributor plate motor and microswitch should be replaced.

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