Shower Knob Leaking: What to Do

If there is any upside to a shower knob leaking, it would be this: You don’t have to be a particularly experienced handyperson to deal with the problem. Fixing a leaky shower faucet is a project in which the difficulty can certainly vary from one shower to the next. This is particularly true, given that there are different types of knobs out there.

Still, more often than not, dealing with a leaky shower knob is a project you are more than capable of handling on your own.

How To Deal With Your Shower Knob Leaking

There is no question that you need to deal with your shower knob leaking. The leak can get worse, and your rising water bill can wind up skyrocketing. In some cases, you will indeed have to call in the professionals to deal with the problem. However, in many cases, you can deal with the problem on your own.

If the faucet handle is your culprit, here’s what you need to know:

The handle: If the handle isn’t turning properly, this could be the source of your leak. Make sure your handle has been turned as far in the “off” direction as possible.

Water Valves: Shut off your water valves, establishing confirmation that water isn’t coming out of your shower.

Remove the faucet handle: The outside tip if your handle has a cap, which you can pry away with a pocket knife. You can now unscrew your handle-screw with your screwdriver. You may need to apply heat to loosen it up, or you may have to buy a handle-puller.

Cartridge: Removing your faucet handle reveals a large ring known as a cartridge. Remove with cartridge puller. You can now screw the new cartridge into the place in which you removed the old cartridge.

Additional Options

If this method doesn’t work, you may have to do a little more:

Valves: Make sure they are turned off.

Shower faucet: You can remove this with a pair of pliers. Wait a few moments, in order for the water to drain out.

Gasket: Inside your faucet is a rubber gasket. You will know the replacement fits properly when it doesn’t move around at all.

Reattach: With your wrench/pliers, you can now reattach your shower faucet.

Check for leaks: At this point, if you still find yourself dealing with a leak, then it might just be time to call in a plumber.

These are two ways to proactively deal with a leaky shower knob.

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