Signs You Need a Pipe Replacement

We all hope that our pipes last for a long time, but with wear and tear, your pipes may need a replacement. If you know the signs, you can schedule your replacement before it gets worse or causes expensive water damage. Here are some of the symptoms your home may experience that could require a pipe replacement.


A cracked pipe obviously needs to be replaced. Water leaks shouldn’t go unfixed, and the moment you recognize one, you need to take steps to stop it. In some cases, you’ll need to go as far as shutting off your water until our drain specialists can come out and fix it for you.


Corrosion is simply the degradation of a material due to a chemical reaction. With metal pipes, we see corrosion caused pH abnormalities, high oxygen levels, bacteria, and even just high-velocity water. Any of these can cause the pipe itself to get damaged. While this is most common with old galvanized steel pipes, even modern copper piping can corrode over time.

Discolored Water

We all instinctively recognize the danger of rusty-colored water. If you have any discoloration, there is a definite problem that needs correcting. In some cases, the only way to fix the issue is by replacing the pipes completely.


We all hope our pipes will last a long time. With proper maintenance and drain cleaning, they can! Still, even the most well taken care of system is going to fail after years and years of use. Galvanized steel pipes can fail as little as 20 years after installation, while copper can easily last over fifty years.

Need to replace your pipes? What about simple maintenance such as a drain cleaning? Just give our helpful team at Rooter Guard a call at (818) 572-9743 or fill out an online contact form and let us know how we can help you today!


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