Sloan Flushmate Leaking: How to Fix It

Water conservation is a big issue these days, and one of the areas where we use lots of water is the toilet. Answering the need for low consumption toilets is Flushmate. Using pressure-assist technology, Flushmate’s toilets are able to harness the pressure from the water supply line in order to provide the energy needed to complete a flush. But despite its quality, Flushmate toilets are still prone to common problems like leaking.

Now, you may panic at the thought of your Sloan Flushmate leaking but checking the actual problem and determining the extent of the issue helps you fix it.

How to Fix Leaks

A little reminder.
As mentioned above, Sloan Flushmate uses air pressure in order to flush a toilet. When you purchase this kind of system, it is under warranty for 10 years. If any part becomes defective within this period, it can be changed free of charge. In addition to that, the tank has a lifetime guarantee.

Now, a toilet can leak from different places but the area between the tank and the bowl is the most common. Here are areas where water may leak and how to fix them:

When water leaks from the bolts.
In the case of Flushmate toilets (which is a pressure-assist kind of toilet), a special Tank-to-Bowl gasket is present that seals the tank to the toilet bowl. There are two or three bolts connecting the tank to the bowl, depending on the fixture’s design. These bolts are attached to the tank using rubber seals, washers and nuts. When a nut becomes loose, water inside the tank may leak out of the bolt holes located in the tank. A simple fix would be to tighten the nuts – that’s usually enough to eliminate the leak.

When water leaks from the gasket.
Another important thing to know is to install the tank-to-bowl gasket onto the toilet tank when the tank is installed on the bowl. Why is this important? If it wasn’t installed properly, you may notice water leaking from the gasket. When that happens, the common reason is the improper installation of the gasket.

When water leaks from the water supply shank.
If you notice water leaking from the water supply shank, you can try tightening the supply shank locknut to see if it cures the leak problem. If not, you might have to call in a professional to help you out.

When water is around the base of the toilet.
When you see water around the base of your toilet, try to determine the source of the leak first. If you can’t find the source, the leak might be at the drain connection located under the bowl. You can verify this if you smell sewer gases.

The problem may be remedied by replacing the seal between the bowl and the drain. That said, it is best if you consult with a plumber to address the issue.

Sloan Flushmate toilets are of generally good quality, but leaks are known to happen. Determining the source of the leak lets you know how to fix the problem.

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