Spring Plumbing Tips

Warmer weather typically means a number of things for your home: you’re going to partake in spring cleaning, the fridge will soon be stocked with seasonal foods like fresh fruit and bbq items, and spending more time outdoors.

There’s so much happening in your home at this time, so it’s important to take measures to repair, improve, and generally care for your plumbing system and fixtures. Here are some spring plumbing tips that can help keep your home clean and problem-free.

Plumbing Tips for Spring

Upgrade Fixtures

Are your bathroom faucets constantly dripping? Does your showerhead only offer one setting? Then it may be time to upgrade them. Newer plumbing fixtures are more efficient, often lessening your water usage, and offer better features, such as different speeds or detachable hoses. Plus, a simple fixture swap could improve the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen easily and affordably.

Clean Out Your Drains

Between foods that shouldn’t flow down your pipes to deep conditioning treatments that you tried in the shower, your drains may not be in the best shape. Rather than get stuck with a messy clog in the months to come, schedule a professional drain cleaning to rid your pipes of any gunk.

Inspect Outdoor Faucets

Before you turn on the hose to water your plants or hook up the sprinkler for your kids, take a good look at your outdoor faucets. If you notice that a faucet is dripping or there is water leaking on the side of your home, it would be a good idea to call a plumber since there could be some underlying damage to the faucet that could leave you with a big mess and/or a high water bill.

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