Taking Care of Your Kitchen Sink

Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Water Flowing Smoothly

You use your kitchen sink every day to cook and clean. When that sink breaks, it disrupts your entire life. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid those messy and inconvenient breakdowns. With proper care and maintenance, your kitchen sink can continue working perfectly for years to come. Our plumbers have put together this list of basic tips and tricks that make kitchen sink maintenance easy.

Proper Faucet Care

  • Frequently wipe down your faucet with a wet cloth to keep it clean.
  • Remove hard water stains, mineral build-up and soap scum using a basic window cleaning solution. Avoid using rough sponges or scrubbers, as these can damage your faucet’s finish.
  • Tighten any screws, seals, or gaskets that become loose.

Regular Drain Maintenance

  • Clean your drains when they start to slow down using DIY products and tools. Make sure you use these products correctly to avoid damaging your drains!
  • Avoid putting things like oatmeal, pasta, and mashed potatoes down your drains – these substances can expand and cause clogs.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, make sure nothing get’s stuck in there that can damage the blades.
  • Flush your drains with boiling water every so often to keep them clean and prevent foul odors.

Daily Dos and Don’ts

  • DO wipe down your faucet after using it.
  • DON’T put grease, oil, or coffee grounds down your drain/garbage disposal.
  • DO use drain traps to avoid clogs.
  • DON’T try to grind things like eggshells or nuts in your garbage disposal – they’ll damage the blades.
  • DO watch out for any leaks, strange noises, or other warning signs.

Know When to Call the Professionals

If something does go wrong with your kitchen sink, attempting to fix it yourself can be dangerous to you and your home. Avoid hurting yourself or causing more damage by contacting our professional plumbers at the first sign of trouble. We can take care of burst pipes, stubborn drain clogs, and garbage disposal issues quicker and more cleanly, giving you your kitchen sink back in no time.

Contact our kitchen plumbing team for more tips, or to schedule a service appointment.

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