The Risks of Commercial Drain Cleaners

No one likes a clogged drain. You get ready to do the dishes, and water builds up in the sink. It’s frustrating, and it’s understandable to look for a quick fix. But be wary! Drain cleaners may claim to clear any clog, but those commercials don’t mention the potential risks! Drain cleaners aren’t the best option for your clog. Let us explain.

Drain Cleaners Lack Precision and Damage Pipes

Drain cleaning products utilize chemical reactions to burn away clogs. Caustic chemicals don’t have the precision or a choice in what they try to burn away. Whatever they touch, they try to dissolve. This includes your pipes! Especially if you have older galvanized steel pipes, you are potentially causing a very expensive problem for yourself. Even modern PVC piping can warp and melt when exposed to harmful chemicals.

Drain Cleaners Harm People

It’s bad enough that your pipes can be damaged, but consider the potential harm these cleaners cause humans! Statistics show that over 100,000 children are reported to be poisoned by cleaning products in 2017. The sad truth is that these substances just aren’t necessary, yet they cause harm to us. Even the packaging can be alluring to children since they are often brightly colored. If you have any chemical cleaners in your home, please keep them far out of reach from your kids.

Drain Cleaners Become Toxic Waste

You may be thinking that drain cleaners are fine if your pipes can handle them, and you take proper safety precautions, but this is not the case. Unfortunately, our sewage system is not equipped to filter out toxic waste. We all play a small role in our environmental health. Everything you put down your drain can impact the natural world.

Unable to be separated, toxic drain cleaners are merely diluted into our natural waterways. Since these are rather new chemicals and many brands use different ingredients; we don’t know the full impact these cleaners have. We cannot comprehend the full scope of damage they could be causing wildlife.

The moral of the story: No clog requires dangerous chemicals to fix. Rooter Guard can fix your system using the most natural and safe chemical we know of, H2O. Our hydrojetting service can safely knock out any clog with precision using highly pressurized water. It’s really that easy. If a plunger or auger doesn’t work, we’ll be there to fix your drain in a flash.

Want to fix a clog in your sink or drain? Just give our helpful team at Rooter Guard a call at (818) 572-9743 or fill out an online contact form.

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