Tips To Help Prevent Plumbing Nightmares

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For many people, plumbing is out of sight and therefore out of mind. If you feel that way right now and you want to change things for the better, then you will want to look into a few tips that will help you prevent a nightmare from occurring. A few simple tips for assisting you with “DIY” solutions for the home can go a long way. Consider the following easy things you can do to ensure that your home is safe and sound. When things go awry, and you don’t know what to do, you could always call in the professionals to save the day. However, these will be simple tips.Finding Pipes – Homeowners around the world drive nails into the wall and hang up posters, pictures, and fixtures without care. This is a bad idea, because you run the risk of driving screws or nailing through copper pipes that are needed to carry water throughout the different areas of the room. To avoid the problem, look for a stud finder at your local hardware store that will signal when piping and wiring are present as well as studs. You will find that this simple tip could save you from making a serious mistake.Locate the Shut Off – Before you can ever work on anything large scale in your home, or before you can work on fixing pipes or anything like that, you absolutely need to know where the shut off valves are for the water. Usually they are hidden in the basement of a home or behind paneling. Look around the home’s structure to find where these are and know how to turn them on and off properly. This will save you major headache in the long term.

The Faucet Shutters – When you try to get some water out of your faucet, if you see it is stuttering or it’s screeching, you will need to replace some rubber washers within the mechanism. This is a simple fix that you can purchase a kit to replace. If that doesn’t solve your problem, the fixture might be old, but not a problem, head to your local hardware store and purchase a kit, they’ll have a variety of options for you to try.

Water Comes Too Hot – If your water gets to a boiling point fast, you are in danger of getting burned. You will need to go to your water heater and check out what’s going on. Most heaters have an outside thermostat that you can move around. If upon looking you see that it has been set above 125 degrees, you will want to turn it down a notch. Try to set it at a lower setting, around 120 or even 116 and you should be fine.

The above tips are just a handful of things that you can do around your home that won’t require a plumber to come in. However, if you have something severe, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Rooter Guard a call at (818) 572-9743 .

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