Toilet Fill Valve Leaking: How to Repair It

A leaky toilet fill valve is one of the most common household problems for any homeowner. The leak toilet valve is usually caused when the fill valve gets older and worn out, failing to stop the toilet from constantly running. This leaky valve can waste a lot of water and cause serious damage to your home, so it should be fixed as soon as possible. If you have a leaky fill valve, don’t worry—you don’t have to call the repairman on this one. With a few steps, you can fix your toilet fill valve yourself.

Fixing a Leaky Toilet Fill Valve: The Easy Way

The valve in question is open and closed then the toilet is flushed. Most professionals say that the best way to fix this leak is to tighten the seal around the fill valve. The tightened seal should stop the toilet from leaking.

Get a Repair Kit to Fix the Leaky Fill Valve

If your toilet fix with tightening the seal did not work, it’s time to try plan b—getting a fill valve repair kit. These kits are available at any repair store like Home Depot or Ace Hardware. These kits are often inexpensive and easy to use by yourself, providing step by step instructions on how to replace a valve that is causing your leak.

Installing the New Fill Valve

Start your repair by shutting off the water in your house. Be sure to open a cold water faucet somewhere else in your house to relieve pressure in cold water pipes throughout the house. Remove the water from the tank and dry it out with a wet-dry vac or sponge. Disconnect everything from the old fill valve and remove it, replacing the valve with a new one. Once the new valve is in, return everything you unscrewed to its proper position. Attach the refill tube and the water supply tube. Once everything is screwed back in, turn the water back on throughout the house and in your toilet.

As your toilet tank refills, pay attention to see if your new fill valve is properly in place. Make sure the valve is not leaking, and if it is, you may have to tighten one of the items you attached.

If you find that your toilet is still having issues, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Though fixing it yourself might be cheaper, having a professional that knows what they’re doing can be worth much more.

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