Toilet Leaking When Flushing and What to Do

This is a common problem in many modern homes. The problem could be the toilet bowl is loose, or a worn-out a wax ring that provides a watertight seal between the base of the toilet bowl and the floor. Before attempting, any repairs assess the other areas of the toilet that could be leaking especially the tank of the toilet. The first call to action should be to discontinue the use of the toilet until fixing the problem.

Leak at the Base

This implies that the tee bolts that hold down the toilet bowl in place are loose or a worn-out wax ring that forms a seal that is watertight between the toilet bowl base and the floor. If this is the case, tighten the tee bolts and flush the toilet. If no water collects at the base, then you have fixed the problem. Inspect the status of the wax ring and decide if it needs replacement. Without replacing the worn-out wax ring, further tightening of the tee bolts, the leak will persist.

Leak Between the Tank and the Bowl

This is an indication that your toilet could have a flashing problem. The locknut could not be tight enough, or the porcelain surface inside the toilets tank could be uneven or chipped. The problem could also be that a worn-out gasket between the tank and the bowl is the cause of the leak. Access the gasket, valve, and the locknut, inspect them and determine if they need replacement.

Shut off, disconnect the water supply to the toilet and drain the water from the toilet bowl and the tank. Disassemble the toilet’s tank and inspect each of the valves and gaskets in the toilet tank. If they are in good condition, reinstall them carefully and ensure there are no twists to provide a watertight seal.

Turn to the toilet bowl and pry off the caps that cover the tee bolts and remove them using an adjustable wrench. Lift the bowl and set it on old cardboard or blanket and work to replace the worn-out wax ring. The problem could also be the tee bolts. They will need replacement if they are stuck or they spin when trying to tighten or loosen them.

Leaking toilet cause a health hazard to the inhabitants of your home and will need immediate fixing. The water can also be the cause of extensive damage to your floors and walls. If you lack the expertise to fix a toilet, use the services of a competent and experienced plumber.

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