Toilet Seal Leaking and How to Fix It

If your toilet is leaking, then it is likely you have a broken or damaged wax seal. The wax seal is typically installed between the flange and the toilet. Toilet seal leaking is one of the most common problems in households but it is relatively easy to fix.

Remove Toilet

You must remove the toilet to begin the whole process. Before you do so, you must turn off the supply of water. Turn of the water supply valve. You don’t need to shut off the mains. Just cutting off supply to the flush tank would be enough. Once you have done so, flush the toilet so the tank is emptied. It is possible that some water will remain in the tank. You can hold onto the handle to keep the lever at an optimum position to drain all the water out. You may also tilt the tank if it is possible.

Loosen Bolts

Loosen the bolts of the flange at the floor and remove it. You can keep the toilet in a bathtub or just one the floor if you have enough space. To loosen and remove the bolts and nuts, you can use a wrench. You should also take out the washers if there are any. Keep these bolts and nuts, caps and washers safe. You will need them during reinstallation. The wax seal will not be very easy to deal with but gentle rocking, to and fro motions, tilting and pulling up will do the trick.

Replace Seal

To replace the quintessential seal, you should get a new, durable and reliable seal. You can go for seals with urethane foam cores. You can refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or the expertise of your trusted plumber to decide on the type of seal. Just make sure you choose a sturdy and long-lasting seal. Install the seal on the flange. The seal should be impeccably centered at the flange. Scrape off the extra seal and then reinstall the toilet.

Place the Toilet Back on the Flange

Place the toilet back upon the flange, put the bolts and nuts in place, screw them in or use a wrench if you need, install all the washers and caps, connect the toilet to the waterline and then turn on the supply. After you have turned on the valve allowing water to accumulate in the tank or bowl, flush the toilet and observe the base to spot any sign of leaks. If there is no water dripping or seeping out, you have remedied the problem.

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