Waste King Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting

Waste King garbage disposal appliances run on permanent magnet motor that can spin at a high revolutions per minute (RPM) and have good horsepower. The devices include a removable splash guard and are safe for septic tanks. However, there are problems with Waste King disposers that you might encounter while using it. Here are troubleshooting tips that you can pick up:

It Hums But Does Not Work.

Most Waste King garbage disposal units have an opening at the bottom of their housing. If the shredding plate gets stuck, you can insert either an appropriate disposer wrench or a .25-inch Allen wrench into the bottom and wiggle the plate back and forth until it moves freely. If your unit does not have such an opening, then you can insert a broom handle into its drain opening, so you can wiggle the plate. If the plate is not stuck, and its motor still hums after freeing up the plate, this indicates a defective motor. Take note that the motor is not repairable, so it means you have to replace it.

Its Grinding Plate Is Stuck.

As already mentioned, this problem can be solved by inserting either the proper wrench or an Allen wrench into the opening at the bottom and wiggling the shredding plate back and forth until it moves freely. Aside from this, you can also turn the grinding plate manually to free it up. Through the opening at the bottom of the unit’s housing, you can insert an Allen wrench and turn the plate to clear the obstruction.

It Is Loud Or Noisy.

If your Waste King garbage disposal generates a loud noise, then check the shredding plate if it wiggles or wobbles up and down. Also, check the blades if they are stuck. Remember that if the problem is the motor, it means that you need to replace the entire unit, as the motor is not repairable.

It Is Leaking Water.

A leaking Waste King disposal means that its O-ring might be broken or torn. If this is the case, then you should replace it. Also, the splash guard is often part of the main gasket, so if your unit is leaking between it and the mounting flange, inspect the splash guard for damage and replace it. On some disposer models, this component, together with the stopper, is sold as a unit, which means that you might not be able to replace this part separately.

Maintenance Tips

In order to give your Waste King garbage disposal unit a longer life, you should perform maintenance tasks on it on a regular basis. You should always run plenty of cold water when it is in use and clean its splash guard and stopper once in a month, as this and the stopper are havens for bacteria. If you are having some difficulty with eliminating odor of this component, consider replacing it. Moreover, you should sharpen the disposer blades and deodorize the unit periodically using non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning pellets to get rid of odor naturally and keep your unit smelling fresh.

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