Water Dispenser Leaking and How to Fix It

It happens that there is some water dripping from the tap after every use. This water seems to come from the nozzle of the dispenser. Though it is assumed to be normal, this is not always the case. Why is this so? There is some water that is usually left in the waterline even after the shut-off valve has been closed. This should stop after some time. If it continues, then you have a leak problem that should be fixed pronto.

To begin with, every dispenser has a drip tray which is supposed to trap the water that misses the faucet or the glass in which you are pouring water. Soon, you would be grappling with a pool of water at the base of your dispenser. Fixing this should be easy.

Cool Of Your Refrigerator

Once you have installed the water dispenser, the refrigerator should be allowed a whole day to cool. The water pipes get hot during summer, hence heating the water to room temperature.
Dispense some few liters of water

The aim of dispensing this water is to enable you to have the air trapped inside the water line removed. This air gets trapped inside after the installation of the system. The air should be removed through this process until all of it comes. Therefore, if the first attempt doesn’t bear any fruit, keep dispensing until you notice that all the air has come out.

Water Filter Re-Installation

The water filter is actually the main reason why there is air locked inside. It should be removed and inspected. Once it has been checked and serviced, re-install it and test to see if there is further dripping of water. Please note that servicing this unit is covered by warranty. Enquire about the warranty from the manufacturer.

Vinyl Tubing Could Be The Problem

Have you observed how this tubing behaves when you turn on the water? This part located under the refrigerator sometimes gets water and you wonder why this is so. It could actually be leaking. If you, however, push its ends inside a coupling, the leak should cease almost immediately.

Faulty Valve Solenoid

Do not rule out this as the source of the leak. This water valve should be replaced if it cannot be repaired.

Should any of the suggested methods fail, call in a certified contractor to find out the cause of the leak.

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