Water Heater Leaking from Bottom: How to Fix It

Water heater leaking from the bottom is not uncommon but you shouldn’t have this problem with a brand new unit. As the water heater ages and deteriorates for obvious reasons, you will have an increased risk of a water heater leaking from the bottom. Here are the common causes of a water heater leaking from the bottom.

Drain Valve

The most common reason why any water heater leaks is a faulty or a worn-out drain valve. The drain valve doesn’t let out a stream of water but will facilitate dripping. It will gradually become a major concern. When a drain valve gets loosened over time, it will facilitate leak. It is possible that the drain valve has been damaged and is no longer able to do its job. There is an easy fix either way. You can tighten the drain valve, which should stop the leak. If it doesn’t, then you need to get it replaced. A drain valve doesn’t cost much and replacing it is also rather simple. If you are not comfortable attempting the replacement on your own, get a plumber.

Excessive Pressure

Excessive pressure can lead to water heater leaking from the bottom. The excessive pressure can be due to added water pressure through the pipes. It is possible that the water heater is being compelled to bear more pressure than it is supposed to handle. A very high temperature setting will also add to the pressure. As water heats up, it expands and takes up more space inside the tank of the water heater. Unable to cope with the heat and the pressure, the water heater will leak. In most cases, the temperature-pressure relief valve will allow this leak to happen.

Check Water Supply

The solutions are rather simple. You need to check the pressure of the water supply into the tank. You can easily restrict the supply or the pace at which the tank gets filled up. You can also opt for optimal settings so the water doesn’t get too hot for the heater to handle. If you have a damaged temperature pressure relief valve, then have it replaced. You can easily figure this out if the pressure of the water supply remains unchanged and you have not opted for any high temperature, yet you have the water heater leaking from the bottom.

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