Water Leaking from Ceiling: Tips for Fixing It

When water starts leaking from the ceiling, it is a cause for worry. It could be the roof with a leak, or if there is another floor above, then it could be because of several sources. The first thing when preventing further damage is using a bucket or basin to collect the water to avoid damage to your floor.


If the leak happens when the shower on the floor above is on, it could mean that one of the shower floor tiles is cracked or the shower faucet is leaking. Both scenarios will cause water to sip through the ceiling.


This is probably the worst kind of leak since it can cause severe health risks to you and other inhabitants of the house. The leak will be because of the wear of the wax ring found between the bowl of the toilet and the floor. With every flush, water will seep through the ceiling. Give a high priority to a leaking ceiling to avoid the leak becoming catastrophic.

How to Fix the Leak

After you have placed a bucket at the area of the leak, poke a small hole in the ceiling to avoid the whole ceiling from collapsing and allow the water to drain into the bucket. Troubleshoot the leak to identify the cause. If the leak occurs when it rains, then the roof could be the problem. If the ceiling leaks without rain outside, then the problem is in your plumbing.

Roofing Issue

After the storm has receded and the roof is dry, climb onto the roof at the exact place of the leak and check the roofing materials for damage. You can call a roofing expert to do the necessary repairs or fix it yourself if you have the necessary tools, expertise and the time.

Plumbing Issue

Inspect the plumbing in your house and ensure everything is working properly. Check that every connection of pipes in the upper floors is intact and in the case, there are leaks, fix them, or call a competent plumber.

When the leak stops after the necessary repairs, use some sparkle and paint to repair the ceiling. If the leak continues after the necessary troubleshooting and fixing, call professional home maintenance to avoid further damage to your home. Your local directory can provide you with the contact details of roofing experts and high-quality plumbers. Keep an eye on the experts you call to assess that they are doing the job correctly without further damage to your ceiling and roof.

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