What Does it Mean When Your Toilet Gurgles

When a toilet is gurgling, the sound could be an indication that it is working as it should. It can also be an indication that there is something serious going on that needs to be fixed right away.

One of the most common reasons for a gurgling sound from a toilet is an issue with the flapper. If the flapper is not creating a proper seal, water will slowly escape into the bowl from the tank. As the pressure from the water forces the flapper upward, the toilet gurgles.

Here are some other reasons why a toilet may gurgle.

1. There’s a Partial Clog

Clogs can form within the trap of the toilet. That’s the “S” shaped area along the side of the toilet you can see under the bowl. The partial clog restricts water movement, so the gurgling sound is created as the water moves through the restricted area. Plunging or suction can often remove these partial clogs.

2. There May Be Air in the Line

When air becomes trapped in your water lines, a gurgling sound is often created. If you’ve ever seen a faucet sputter when it was turned on in your home, then there’s a good chance this is happening to your toilet too. Turn on all your faucets to remove air from the plumbing system. When the water flows smoothly, you’re good to go. The toilet gurgling should stop.

3. You Have Hard Water

Homes that have hard water, filled with minerals and scale, can often experience toilet gurgling. Those scale and mineral deposits line the toilet, the drain, and can even cause issues within a septic tank. These deposits can also form around the water source. A good cleaning can often stop the gurgling sound, but some homes may need to install a water softener or similar appliance at the entry point of the plumbing system for a long-term solution.

4. The Float Mechanisms Have Malfunctioned

If the float malfunctions and allows more water into the toilet tank than necessary, a gurgling sound may occur. This happens because the overflow pipe is being utilized. You may need to repair the float or bend the arm of the mechanism to reduce water levels in the toilet tank.

Sometimes a gurgle from a toilet is harmless and can be ignored. Sometimes it is a serious issue that must be addressed. Always investigate this sound to make sure your toilet is working properly.

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