What is a Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets provide more space for sitting compared to round toilets. The bowl has more of an oval shape to it than a circular shape. For many people, this creates a user experience that has added comfort.

From the back of the tank to the edge of the front of the bowl, a standard round toilet offers 16.5 inches of space. For a standard elongated toilet, there is 18.5 inches of space.

The Downside of Elongated Toilets

There are three reasons why elongated toilets should be avoided.

1. You have young children. Because of the added size, young children struggle to fit all the way onto the toilet. That causes the waste to hit the front of the bowl, where a standard flush may not completely clean the inside of the toilet. Additional cleaning responsibilities are usually necessary in this scenario.
2. You are on a tight budget. Elongated toilets are more expensive than round toilets. Although the difference isn’t much for most models, high-end toilets may have several hundred dollars’ difference between the two bowl shapes.
3. You have space concerns. If you have a small bathroom, an elongated toilet is usually not the best option. The only exception to this rule is if you have an actual water closet, where the toilet is separated from the rest of the bathroom, and there is enough space within the closet to accommodate the design.

There can also be flushing power differences when comparing round bowls and elongated bowls from the same manufacturer. Independence testing of TOTO Ultimate Series toilets found that 400 grams of waste could be effectively flushed in the round models, but only 325 grams could be flushed in the elongated models.

How to Find the Best Elongated Toilets

Size matters when shopping for an elongated toilet. Look for model that has a raised tank height or bowl height, if not both. The extra gravity will provide a more powerful flush. Think about a pressure-assisted model if you’re shopping for an elongated toilet and have a large family.

Then look for the right combination of features that can best meet your overall needs. Elongated toilets may have an extended bowl, which provides comfort, but they can do much more than that as well. That is why they should be part of the conversation.

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