What is the Best Brand of Toilet

If you’re shopping for a new toilet and your current model is more than 10 years old, then you might be in for a surprise. Most modern toilets employ water saving features that change the flushing experience. The goal is to reduce a full flush to less than 2 gallons of water. In comparison, some older models may use up to 6 gallons of water, depending on its age.

Because water conservation is a top priority, it is important to find a toilet brand that has designed a product with high pressure levels to create a clean bowl while still meeting the 2 gallons per flush or less expectation.

Shopping for a new toilet should involve more than just a brand. High levels of performance variation exist within even the best toilet brands that are available today.

The Best Toilet Brands Available Today

1. Toto
Toto toilets are available globally. This brand is the largest manufacturer of toilets in the world and models come with a variety of features. There are 3 different basic design options available to consumers as well: one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, and wall-mounted toilets. This brand includes a unique flushing system that sanitizes the bowl as it flushes and eliminates the rim, making cleaning a simple and easy chore.

2. Kohler
Kohler is a toilet brand to consider if space is an issue. Many of the models are designed to work with small spaces without compromising on the comfort experience for the user. There are several models available at varying price points, but the best options tend to be priced at $400 or more within this brand.

3. Duravit
This is the toilet brand to consider for those who want a toilet they can install today and still be using 10 years from now. The installation of a toilet from this brand is fairly simple and it reduces the plumbing footprint for many homes. The toilets come equipped with soft closure technologies as well, which prevents toilet seats from breaking when they are accidentally slammed.

4. Sterling
This brand works in association with Kohler. The primary feature of the brand is their Dual-Force technology, which allows for a partial tank flush instead of a full-tank flush. If there is only liquid waste in the toilet, pressing the button for a half-tank flush can conserve up to 50% of the water that would be used for a full-tank flush. When used as directed, the water savings from this toilet design can actually make the toilet pay for itself over its lifespan.

5. American Standard
American Standard toilets are a brand that gets the basics right on a majority of their models. They have an excellent flushing system that helps to keep the bowl clean. Some models offer a self-cleaning feature as well. Most toilets within this brand are WaterSense certified and one-piece or two-piece systems are available for homeowners to consider. Most models are priced at a level that the average homeowner can afford.

6. Eago
This brand of toilet may not be for every homeowner, but it is one of the best brands to think about if green living is a priority. The larger outlet pipe on the toilet, combined with the brand’s siphon-based flushing system, make it almost impossible for clogs to form. Several design options are available so there are designs which work for most homes. At the same time, less water needs to be used and that helps minimize the impact a home makes on the environment.

7. Niagara Conservation
For those looking to own a low-maintenance toilet, this is a brand to think about using. Instead of the traditional flapper design, this bran uses tip-bucket technologies to create a flushing experience. That reduces the need to repair elements within the toilet that can wear out over time when compared to traditional models. Using gravity to force the water through, this brand creates a one-flush experience that can even reduce cleaning requirements for most owners.

When shopping for a new toilet, look for the best combination of features within your budget before settling on a specific toilet brand.

Shopping for a toilet may not be the most enjoyable experience, but it is sometimes a necessary experience. By knowing what the best toilet brands offer, it becomes easier to find the best model with the right flushing features for every home.

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