What is the Best Toilet

If you’re shopping for a new toilet, then “fun” probably isn’t the way you’d describe the process. Many toilets look the same and have similar features, which makes it difficult to compare brands and models.

One point of comparison to look at today, however, is between single-flush toilets and dual-flush toilets. Most single-flush toilets will use about 1.25 gallons of water per flush. Dual-flush models use about 1.6 gallons per flush but may use just 1 gallon on a partial flush.

Both models have enough power to effectively clean the toilet bowl. The amount of water used during a flush does not correlate with the performance of a toilet.

Here are some unique features that are included on some premium toilet models that may be worth looking at.

1. Compressed Air

You’ll find this feature on a toilet like the Kohler Highline Classic. The compressed air boosts the power of the flush, removing more solid waste as it self-cleans. It is noisier than the average toilet as well but reduces cleaning inside the bowl.

2. One-Piece Designs

Many toilets have the tank and bowl be separate items that connect at a joint. One-piece models make the installation process faster and cleaning them is much easier. Look for a model that will clean the inside of the bowl effectively while providing you with a comfortable sitting experience for your bathroom space.

3. Noise

Toilets will always make some noise. If you have a small home or you don’t want to know whenever someone might flush the toilet, look for a model that has built-in soundproofing and improved water movement technologies. American Standard makes the Acticlean model that will even dispense toilet bowl cleaner for you when needed while being the quietest toilet you’ve ever heard.

4. Toilet Bowl Size

Toilet bowls can be round or elongated. Round bowls are typically 16.5 inches in length, while elongated models are 18.5 inches in length. Round bowls take up less room, but elongated bowls provide added comfort. Be sure to think about the distance from the drain and the wall, the “rough-in,” as well. The standard distance is 12 inches, but older homes have a range of 10-14 inches which may need to be accommodated.

Ultimately, the best toilet is the one that fits within your budget and provides the best possible value experience for your space. Shop for comfort, but also shop for convenience and ease of use so you can enjoy the benefits of owning the best toilet for years to come.

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