What to Consider When Buying a Toilet

If you need a new toilet for a remodeling project or for new construction, there are certain features that are worth considering before finalizing the purchase. Here are some of the top key points to think about.

1. Flushing Technologies

Modern toilets offer a dual-flush option. You can flush a partial tank to dispose of liquid waste and save up to 50% of the water compared to a regular flush.

2. Seat Height

Seat heights are generally in the range of 16-18 inches, but taller toilets can help those with movement concerns or disabilities have a more comfortable user experience.

3. Bowl Shape

Toilets come with a round bowl or an elongated bowl. Round bowls are generally smaller and able to fit in spaces that are more compact. Elongated bowls are usually more comfortable to use, but require more space in the bathroom.

4. Touchless Flushing

Some toilets are equipped with motion sensors that will flush after being activated and a timed cycle occurs after the movement stops. This feature can lessen germ transfer within the bathroom.

5. Color

Toilets are often white, but numerous color options are available today. That makes it possible to choose a model that coordinates with the interior design of the bathroom with greater ease.

6. Rough-In Measurement

A standard rough-in for homes today is 12 inches. Older homes, however, may have 10-inch or 14-inch rough-ins that are required. Make sure to measure the distance in the bathroom receiving the toilet before finalizing the purchase.

7. Flush Type

Most toilets are gravity-feed toilets. Water drops through the tank into the bowl, triggering a flush. There are also pressure-assisted toilets available that will forcibly push water into the bowl. Pressure-assisted toilets are louder, but reduce clogging and can save water use for larger families.

8. Trap Design

Trapways are the bends in the back of the toilet that prevent odors and gases from escaping through the bowl. Some models conceal the trapway with skirting or a smooth surface to create a cleaner look.

The best toilet is the one that accommodates the needs of your household while working in the space you have. By examining this combination of features with each model, you’ll be able to find the perfect toilet for your home today.

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