What to Put in Clogged Toilet

Despite how effective they are, toilets do have one primary issue that must be addressed from time to time: clogging. Clogs occur in toilets because of the design of its trap. As you flush, the materials are forced upward through a trap before exiting the feature.

The easiest way to deal with a clogged toilet is to plunge it. Flush your toilet to check for drainage. Then use a plunger to address the clog. If water drains from the toilet, refill it and keep plunging.

If plunging is an ineffective method of removing a clog, there are these options to put into a clogged toilet as well.

1. Enzyme Products

Enzyme products are designed to liquefy waste materials. Many of them are designed to be introduced into septic systems to help break down the waste. Introduce it to the toilet and the clog will begin to reduce in size until it can finally be flushed away. As an added benefit, enzymes don’t harm your fixtures or pipes like caustic cleaning agents.

2. Hot Water

For toilets that tend to clog frequently, it may be a result of dried waste products within the trap. Plunging and flushing won’t remove them, but hot water can get the job done. Heat a gallon of water until it is close to boiling. You can vinegar or baking soda if you wish as well. Then pour the water down the toilet and let it stand overnight.

3. Plumbing Snake

If you need a fast and effective way to remove a toilet clog, purchase a plumbing snake. Closet augers are the best option for a toilet and they are often called a “toilet snake.” It uses a flexible coil that can be pressed through the trap of the toilet to dislodge a clog. Move the coil up and down, spinning it if need be, to work through the clog. When the water level goes down, you’ve removed it. Flush to be sure and repeat if necessary.

4. Coat Hanger

For those who have an older toilet where the finish of the bowl is not a concern, a wire hanger can do the same thing as a toilet snake. Just insert the hanger into the trap and work it around to dislodge the clog.

If all else fails, a commercial clog remover can also remove the clog for you.

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