What You Need to Know About Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Why You Shouldn’t Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

If you’ve ever experienced a slow-draining sink or a completely-clogged shower, you may have done what too many homeowners do: driven down to the store and bought the fastest-acting, more effective drain cleaner they had on the shelves.

Here’s the thing: whether you realized it or not, those store-bought drain cleaners often do much more harm than they do good. Here’s what you need to know.

They Wreak Havoc on Your Plumbing

While store-bought drainer cleaners seem effective, they’re only able to clear clogs because of the immense amount of harmful ingredients they contain. Just take a look at the label on the bottle. It likely displays numerous safety and health warnings — nothing truly good can come from a product that offers so many precautions.

In reality, the chemicals and other harmful ingredients in store-bought drain cleaners can eat away at your pipes and corrode them from the inside out, which can lead to even bigger problems in the future.

They Don’t Address the Root Problem

While they may temporarily clear your drain, these products don’t address the real cause behind a clog. While it may have been caused by built-up hair and soap scum, a clog may also be caused by hard water buildup or a tree root. If those are the case, you’re going to need much more than a store-bought cleaner to avoid another clog in the future.

Professional Drain Cleanings are a Better Option

Especially if you find yourself struggling with a recurring clog, the best way to handle the issue is by having your drain professionally inspected and cleaned. Your plumber will able able to find and address any larger, underlying causes of the clog and safely remove it without putting your plumbing at risk.

Eliminate Clogs in the San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles

When the water starts draining slowly or backing up, call Rooter Guard. Our skilled Van Nuys plumbers have the training, skill, and experience to tackle even the toughest clogs. We work quickly and efficiently to locate the clog and create lasting solutions that will get your plumbing moving.

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