Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Whirlpool has a handy guide for troubleshooting the Cabrio washing machine. There are more than two dozen models of Whirlpool Cabrio washing machines. Many look similar and even perform in an identical way but there are differences. What is not different is the set of codes, most of which apply to all the variants of Carbio washing machine.

Every time you have a problem with your Cabrio, you must be sure that the problem actually exists and that the machine is not mistakenly displaying an error. You should get rid of old error codes. To do this you must put the machine through the automatic diagnostic cycle. Check the code and then take the necessary steps. Now, let us go through the various codes, what they mean and what you can do.

Error LF
LF means the washing machine is taking longer than usual to fill. The stored error code for the same is F30. When this code appears, you must check the water inlet hoses, the valve screens, water faucets, drain hose, drainpipe, pressure switch and flood stop water supply hoses if you have them. Inlet hoses could be clogged or kinked, valve screens could be dirty, water faucets may be turned off, the hoses could be closed inside, the drain pipe may have the drain hose stick farther inside than it should or the pressure switch could be punctured, disconnected or kinked. Attending to the problem you find should solve the problem.

Error Ld
Ld means the washing machine is taking longer than usual to drain the water from the washtub. The stored error code for the same is F32. You should check the pump and drain hose to see if they are clogged, the drain hose should be at a height of at least five feet so it can conveniently reach the drainpipe without impairing the outflow of water, the drain pump needs to be checked to see if it is working properly, the pressure transducer hose should be diagnosed to find any punctures or connection problems.

Error uL
Error uL means there is an unbalanced load. This is not a very complicated problem. All you need to do is redistribute the load, close the lid and then start the machine again. Usually, the imbalanced load will be flagged at the end of the wash cycle but before the final spin. When you don’t actually have any load issues but the machine displays the error nevertheless, you need to diagnose the suspension. Check the suspension spring rod kit. If it has gone kaput or has worn out then get a Cabrio Suspension Repair Kit for replacement.

Error oL
Error oL indicated overloading. The stored error code for the same is F70. This may be a harmless and unintended human error. Simply take out a few of your stuff, add detergent and water, close the lid and start the machine. If you don’t have enough clothes to overload the Cabrio, then there could be something wrong with the inner tub which may be jammed, there may be a rusted driveshaft or there can be something as humble as a sock clogged between the outer and inner baskets. Remove the sock, lubricate the shaft and check what’s jamming the inner tub.

Error Sd
Sd is the error shown when the machine detects suds. The stored error code for the same is F71. This could happen if you use normal detergents in your Cabrio. Whirlpool recommends you use only high-efficiency detergent. Using too much detergent would also cause this problem because excessive suds would be the inevitable fallout. You should carry out the suds correction routine to solve this problem. Do not attempt to avoid the error as it is detrimental to the machine and your clothes would be poorly cleaned. They would get stained with suds.

Error lid
Error lid is obviously an indication of an opened lid. The stored error code for this is F81. If the lid is open, close it. With the lid open longer than ten minutes, the water inside the washing machine or the washtub to be precise should start to drain out.

Error Po
Po is an error code indicating pump out while lid opened. As the washtub gets drained when your lid is open for ten minutes or more, you should close the lid to prevent the draining.

Error HC
HC indicates the switching of hot and cold hoses. This may happen if the temperature sensor is not working properly or at the end of a wash cycle to imply the cold and hot water inlet hoses have reversed. There may also be a problem with the water valve or the main control board.

Error dL
Error dL implies the lid or the door cannot be locked. The stored error codes for this are F80, F82, F84 and F85. Check if there is anything that is preventing the door or lid to be locked. It could be fabric, fabric softener or soap.

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