Why Does My Toilet Cistern Keeps Running

Whether it is the sound of water constantly running or cycling on and off, mysteries of a continuously running toilet can drive someone nuts. So what might be causing your toilet to continue running even after you are done?

Chain Problems

Issues with the chain might cause a toilet to constantly run. If the chain is short it might be pulling the flapper even when the flapper is at rest and also if it is too long it might interfere with the closing mechanism of the flapper. Therefore check the connection where the rubber flapper and the flapper lever are attached to. Jiggle the level and see how the chain moves. To fix this, consider replacing the chain with another chain that has proper length.

Broken, Warped or Dirty Flapper

With time, a flapper can break, become dirty or even start to leak. To identify the problem, flush the toilet first to drain all the water from the tank. unscrew the flapper from the base and bring it to the surface to closely examine it. Turn it over and look for any discoloration, signs of warping, breaks on the rubber or plastic or for any mineral deposits.

Try cleaning any build up that might be preventing it from properly closing. In case there is a problem with the actual flapper consider replacing it entirely. They are quite affordable. To replace, simply detach the old one and attach the new one then hook it back and try flushing.

Perhaps a point to note, when purchasing a flapper, makes sure you get one that fits the chain on the thick center section and not the thin outer part.

Float Position

After a toilet has been flushed, the tank automatically stops filling when the water has reached just below the overflow pipe. However, if the water keeps running then this is an indication that the float is way high. To identify this, try flushing the toilet and note where the water stops at.

The easiest way to fixing this is by bending the rod connecting the pump and the float so that the float is lowered which will consequently signal the pump to switch off sooner. In case the rod doesn’t bend, call the plumber.

In conclusion in case you hear some noise from your toilet, don’t go calling the plumber. Some problems are quite easy to fix by yourself, just get in there and poke around. Chances are you can identify the problem and fix it which will save you money!

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