Why Does My Toilet Keep Flushing by Itself

One of the most perplexing plumbing issues has to do with the toilet when it’s flushing by itself. If you’re a homeowner or simply someone with a toilet that is flushing by itself, it could be the indication of a much more serious issue. Because of that, it’s very critical that you keep the following information in mind when trying to assess whether or not a toilet is actually properly flushing or not. Too many people assume that the reason a toilet flushes is due to the complications in the plumbing construction. This is actually not true.

When it comes to automatic flushing there are several possibilities, but without a doubt, it’s something that can easily be addressed without much issue at all. Should you doubt that this is true, you’ll also have to consult some others because overall, there should be no reason that this happens. There are plenty of complications in the code that might prevent people from assuming whatever happens due to the reasons outlined in most plumbing manuals, but it’s usually a simple diagnosis, and similarly speaking, it’s usually a simple fix as well.

Faulty Flush Switch

When you press the switch on the toilet to make it flush, this is called the flush switch. This switch is there to engage the toilet into flushing whatever water is in the bowl. When this happens, the septic tanks flushes itself and the water pressure causes massive suction. However, sometimes, this switch can get too sensitive and begin flushing on its own. If your toilet is just blindly flushing without any reason at all, this usually means that the flush switch is faulty and needs to be engaged properly. It’s not uncommon that this happens for a lot of people, so if it’s something that you can think of, then you’re definitely at risk for this getting more serious. However, if you have a plumber or toilet tech take a look at the unit, they can most likely repair it and get it working again.

Imbalance in Water Pressure

Water pressure is something that you have to be very aware of when constructing a toilet or flush mechanic. This is something that plenty of people have trouble with, but rather than being at fault or uncomfortable, you can rest assured that this is a simple fix if you decide to make the effort necessary to repair everything that is broken.

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