Why Does the Toilet Make a Noise When Flushed

If your toilet is making noises when flushing you will be probably wondering what could be possibly wrong with it. Identifying the issue is the first step to getting tranquility and peace in your bathroom. You might need a plumber but then again it might be something you can fix yourself. So what is causing your toilet to make such noise? Below are three of the common things that cause a toilet to make noise when flashing.

A Dirty Ballcock

This is probably the most common cause of a noisy toilet. A dirty valve (ballcock) causes a toilet to make a loud foghorn-like noise when flushing. This shouldn’t, however, make one worry as it is easy to fix. After turning off your water supply, locate the ballcock and carefully remove any debris and dirt. Turn the water back on while checking for any leaks; the noise should be gone now. However, if the noise is still there consider replacing the ballcock with a new one.

Loose Connection in the Cistern

In case the foghorn noise wasn’t fixed with a new ballcock or a cleaned one then there is probably a loose connection in the cistern. To identify, turn the water off first then take apart all the parts together with the valve. Take out the washer and place it back the other way round. Put back everything fastening them tightly. Switch on the water and try flushing to see if the problem has been fixed.

Bad/Old Washer

Old or bad washers cause toilets to hum and if your toilet is humming consider replacing it. If you separate the ball valve, inside you will see a washer; if it is looking old replace it and also replace the ball valve. This should fix the noise problem.

Problem with the Float Switch

Faulty float switch causes water to overflow from the cistern. Simply unscrew it and reassemble it back tightly, or replace it with a new one.

Vent Problems

If you still hear noises when flushing after trying all the above solutions, then the problem might be clogged vents. Unclog the vents to let out build up pressure.

Trusty Plumber

In case you have tried the above remedies and none seem to work or simply have no time to do so, it is probably a good idea to call your local trusted plumber. They can fix the problem effectively and fast as they have years of experience and they can easily identify the problem.

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