Why Is My Hot Water Heater Leaking

Most times many people think that their water heater needs replacement once they notice signs of leaking. However, this is not always necessary as many of the possible solutions are inexpensive and rather simple. Determining why your water heater is leaking will enable you to take the necessary step. Here are reasons why a water heater might leak.

Leaking Water Supply Lines

When you notice a leaking problem, the first place to always check is the plumbing pipes on top of the water heater. A leak from these pipes can easily fall on the water heater and work its way down to the insulation making it look like it is coming from the inside of the tank. This is why it is always a good idea to inspect the plumbing pipes first.

Leaking Water Heater Nipples

Another common place to find a leak is on the water heater nipples at the top. This leaks can be difficult differentiate from leaks at the supply tube however in case you had recently changed the supply tube but you still notice some leaking, then the nipples are likely to be the cause. Consider removing the nipples and repairing them. Do this when you have turned off the hot water. Use a pipe wrench or some other leverage to remove the nipples.

Leaking At The Pressure And Temperature Relief (P-And-T) Valve

Another possible source of leaks is at the pressure and temperature (P and T) relief valve. A leak at the P and T valve is far more serious and should be taken care of immediately. This area rarely leaks however if it does then there is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Leaking Drain Line

The drain valve which is normally found at the bottom of the water heater can at a time leak. This is a common issue after flushing or draining the water heater since most times the drain valve might fail to completely close. Consider replacing the drain valve entirely with a new and improved on or cap it with a hose cap. To do this, shut the hot water off first then completely drain down the water heater then remove the valve.

Leaking Tank

In case you have checked for all the above faults and none seems to be the reason for leaking, then it is most likely that the tank in the water heater is the one leaking. And if it is the one leaking consider replacing the water heater as this problem cannot be fixed.

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