Why is My Toilet Not Flushing All the Way

If a toilet is not flushing its content completely, it is not only gross but also annoying and wasteful of water. If your toilet isn’t flushing completely, it is most likely to be a because of the following;

The Water Level Is Too Low

Toilets require a lot of water to flush quickly and successfully. However, if the water levels are too low the bowl wouldn’t get enough water as it ought to. Manufacturers often leave a mark inside the tank to show how much water the tank should contain. Water level might be too low because some components in the tank might be misaligned preventing the tank from filling, and also some people have been noted to adjust the flapper to save on water.

Flapper Problems

Whenever a toilet is flushed, there is a chain in the cistern that lifts. Since it is attached to the flapper, when lifted, the chain allows all the water to drain from the tank to the bowl quickly. However, in case the flapper is damaged or old or the chain isn’t adjusted to an appropriate length, water will be leaking out of the tank decreasing the level of water available for flushing.

Clogged Toilet, Or Drain Or Toilet Flange

If there is any clog anywhere in the system water will be prevented from completely flushing down the toilet. Depending on where it is and how significant it is you can either remove it or seek assistance from a professional.

Blocked Jet Holes

Jet holes are located just below the lip of a toilet bowl. When flushing the toilet, water pours from these holes into the bowl. Therefore in case they are clogged, you will be losing a good amount of water which could prevent your toilet from completely flushing.

To determine this, there won’t be water streaming from the sides of the toilet bowl and if there is water will be coming down straight rather than diagonally.

Poor Drain Pipe Make

If your toilet has always been flushing incompletely, the problem could probably be with the drainage pipe design or the way they were installed.

A toilet should always drain downwards for the water to quickly flow down the bowl, through the pipes into the sewer. However, if your toilet doesn’t drain downwards, then you will be getting a pool of water stuck in the pipes and when you flush the water stalls.

These are the major causes of your toilet not being able to flush completely.

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