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The Root of Our Success

Rooter Guard is one of the leading plumbing companies throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. We owe our success to the many residential, commercial, and industrial clients that have always trusted and recommended us. Rest assured that our local company will remain fast and reliable for all your needs. We are there on the same day you call even after normal business hours, on weekends, or during holidays. If you are a new client and want more information about our company, team, and services, we encourage you to read our latest reviews and testimonials below. To schedule an appointment, call us at (818) 650-4883.

  • Courteous, professional, neat, and fast

    Rick and Angel came out the same day I called regarding a backed-up drain in my shower. They were both courteous, professional, neat, and fast, and wouldn't hesitate to call them again.

    - Holly C.

  • Highly skilled and patient
    Kevin addressed our disposal problem professionally and provided us with an overview of what to watch for given the age of the unit. He is polite and highly skilled and patient as we asked questions regarding other work we want to undertake. We will most assuredly call them back for future improvements.

    - Happy Customer

  • Went above and beyond to correct the issues at hand

    Vic came out and fix our kitchen sink and toilet.  He was very friendly, efficient, and went above and beyond to correct the issues at hand and give us future options for the long term as well as ways to prevent issues arising in the future. Plus he was considerate and left no mess behind when he was done. I will always come to Rooter Guard for any of my plumbing needs. Thank you, Vic and Rooter Guard.

    - Ashley A.

  • He went above and beyond.
    Greg is the man. He went above and beyond to take care of my broken water main, while I was traveling and wasn't event home! He called the city on my behalf, and followed up later in the day coming by to make sure they had taken care of the things they needed to. He created a dedicated customer.

    - Brent B.

  • Very happy with the overall communication and quick service

    I was very happy with the overall communication, (manager Michael was great to deal with), quick service (they came on a Saturday within two hours of me calling!), Vick was very clear in explaining the issues I had and dealt with cleaning out my frustrating drains efficiently! I would definitely recommend these guys! Thanks, Vick and Rooter Guard.

    - Leane V.

  • Very professional and quick response.
    Very professional and quick response. Called them for a clogged kitchen drain they quickly advised by phone and told me they provide in home estimates free of charge. 

    The tech came, diagnosed the problem right away and since it was so simple he told us how we could fix it (or that he could fix it for 175 dollars) but it was so quick and simple we were very thankful for his honesty. Everyone from the woman who called to confirm the appointment to the actual technician was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Would use them again if we have an issue in the future.

    - Linda H.

  • On time and took care of the problem with no issues

    The pipes at our apartment were clogged turned out to be roots. Found Rooter Gaurd on yelp & they sent Fabian. He was on time and took care of the problem with no issues, I would definitely recommend Rooter Gaurd for all your plumbing needs! Thanks again

    - Santiago J.

  • They're the best in town hands down!
    I like to start off by saying thank you Michael for the amazing customer service and support! Rooter guard took care of my shops toilet issue. The toilet was constantly clogging up and over flowing with water every time it was flushed and all it took was a phone call to Rooter guard and surely they sent out a technician within an hour. The technician gave a very thorough and easy to understand explanation of the issue as well as all my options with very fair pricing and got the job done. Couldn't be happier and judging all the reviews on yelp, they strive to give the ultimate customer satisfaction. They're the best in town hands down!!!! Thanks guys

    - Happy Customer

  • Great customer service and great staff and teamwork!

    Rooter Guard! I just want to thank you for great customer service and great staff and teamwork! I called in and a very nice lady picked up the phone and helped me through my panic to calm me down and set up an appointment. Once the appointment was set they gave me the technicians name and ETA! They told me in the next 60-90 min but had a tech named Richard out at my property in 45 min. He was very professional and explained to me about the problems I'm having with my drainage so I can understand. Long story short it came out to be a broken sewer line right under a big tree I had. Well, we had to call Mike the field supervisor to come out because there was nothing we can do at this point. Mike ran the camera and showed me and my husband the roots and issue. We agreed to repair it because it was very bad. I was there the whole time of the repair and I saw the bad section when they pulled it out!! Wow, it was just as seen in the camera but 10 times worse from outside! I'm very thankful of Richard and Mike and of course Rooter Guard and Staff!

    - Meline M.

  • If you want your plumbing issues fixed by the best, call Rooter Guard!

    I highly recommend the team at Rooter Guard. The main sewer drain outside of our office clogged and flooded the area and Vick and his team resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. Also, they installed new faucets free of charge. If you want your plumbing issues fixed by the best, call Rooter Guard!

    - Emily A.

  • Affordable, honest, trustworthy, friendly, professional

    I'm very pleased with Rooter Guard. I called them last week as I needed plumbing service for a toilet that I couldn't unclog my self. Turns out my two-year-old niece had been having fun flashing toys, deodorant sticks, and other stuff down the toilet. Kevin was great and he took a great afford and care to helped us out with a smile on his face, even though it was after hours on Friday night. Even though nasty stuff was coming out he didn't make a mess, impressive. The service is very affordable, honest, trustworthy, friendly, professional and most important fast with quality! Great job, very impressed. We will use it again.

    - Yuri H.

  • Saved me more time and money than can be explained
    Michael, the manager is the first reason to contact this fine company. He is so upfront and saved me more time and money than can be explained. This should be everyone's "go-to" company because you don't find customer service like this anymore. It is worth its weight in gold. Thank you Michael.

    - Julie P.

  • Not only very experienced, but also courteous and trustworthy
    I feel so lucky we called Rooter Guard after other plumbers could not find the problem and our bathroom got flooded for the third time. Their plumber Greg, was one hour away on a Friday night but drove back to handle this emergency. He found the problem and finished the work the next day. He was not only very experienced, but he was also courteous and trustworthy. We had to leave, by the time we got back all the work was finished and the area was cleaned up. Also, very reasonably priced, especially since it was a weekend emergency. I already called the company for a second job and will recommend them to our neighborhood. Great job guys! Rooter Guard is awesome!

    - Vladimir V.

  • I am so happy to have them as my go-to plumbing company

    I cannot say enough great things about rooter guard. They are available to come when you call. They are on time or early. They talk to you as a competent human. They can talk through options, alternatives, possibilities and they don't leave until the job is done, inspected by them and you, completed, and cleaned up. They are friendly, considerate, and professional and I am so happy to have them as my go-to plumbing company.

    - Kelly S.

  • Smart, capable, and quick
    I used Rooter Guard again today. These guys are fantastic. I've used them many times and noticed a pattern about their service window.

    The dispatcher told me: "Our guy will be there between 10:00-11:00 this morning." My first thought was that this would give me some time to go dive in the shower and get cleaned up, especially since the guy probably wouldn't be there until around eleven. But then I stopped myself and reminded myself that this is Rooter Guard and they are different. Sure enough, the doorbell rang at 9:57, a few minutes BEFORE their service window. Amazing!

    Today was the third tech I've worked with from Rooter Guard and he was just as good as the other two. He was smart, capable, and quick. The job is done, I paid the $59 for service, and now I can get on with my day.

    Thank you Rooter Guard!

    - Dave E.

  • Super quick, professional and did an outstanding job

    After calling a dozen+ plumbers on Xmas Eve for a mainline drainage emergency, Jack and the Rooter Guard team were the only plumbers not only available to show up the same day (within the hour) but they also didn't try the holiday rip off routine. Jack was super quick, professional and did an outstanding job. These guys are your go-to plumbers.

    - Bobbie B.

  • Excellent job and everything works again
    Definitely one of the best plumbing and drain companies and LA. I had to call different companies that day. One of them sent someone, who came to have a look and give a free estimate. The guy looked like he was lost. We tried asking questions, but he said he doesn't have the right equipment to be able to diagnose the problem. Then we called Rooter Guard. They were very accurate at diagnosing the problem over the phone and even given an approximate estimate. He told me that most likely it was my machine. An hour later a guy name Victor came. He told me that he would need to run a camera to see the inside of the sewer line. He ran a camera and showed me everything. I couldn't believe what I saw. The line was completely blocked with roots. Victor and his supervisor recommended getting it replaced. Excellent job and everything works again. Thank you Rooter Guard and Victor.

    - Happy Customer

  • They went way beyond the norm of plumbing excellence
    Well, I have had leaky toilets and sink for over a year and it was time to get them fixed. So I just typed in Plumber on Yelp and Rooter Guard and 3 other names popped up. I looked at all the reviews and decided to call Rooter Guard and I'm glad I did. Incredible service! Within 2 hours they came to my house and started working on replacing 2 toilets, a new kitchen faucet, a drain plug in the bathroom and they stayed till 10:30 pm at night. I could not believe it. The plumber, named Juan, and Manager Raymond were so nice and experts in their field. The owner even texted me to make sure I was pleased and I was. Patty in the office was so nice and very attentive to my needs and timeline for this job which was pretty big. So they came back the next day and finished the whole job by 1 pm. They are on call 24/7 which other companies do not offer. I have 2 new toilets, a new kitchen faucet and all leaks and plumbing are done at a very fair and great price. They went way beyond the norm of plumbing excellence. I give them 5 Stars and will absolutely call them again for all my plumbing needs for sure. Thank you again, Rooter Guard.

    - Mike D.

  • I really wish all other companies had such a great service
    First of all, I want to start with customer service. Thank you guys. Great service from the beginning to the completion of the job. They are very polite and patient with their customers. I called them so many times to reschedule my appointment due to my busy schedule, and every time they politely gave me another time frame each time. They weren't annoyed or irritated. Their CSR, the young lady, was so understanding. I really wish all other companies had such a great service.

    Their supervisor was on top of everything, always making sure that the guys got on the property on time and did what they had to do. He was always answering my phone calls as well, even late hours. I know it's not easy to have busy customers like me, who reschedule many times or call after working hours, to make sure things are getting done and fixed. However, I want to leave a good review, to let you guys know, that I really really appreciate you and the hard work that you have done. I had to get my entire mainline changed. I kept delaying this for years now, due to my schedule and the quotes that I got from other companies were way higher than I could afford. So I let the local plumbers give it a temporary solution until I found Rooter Guard. I am happy that I got referred to them by a colleague.

    I still have another plumbing issue on other property, and I already know who I am going to call for this. They promised to give me a discount on the next one. And I am probably going to ask for the same technician. See you soon guys.

    - Yanek C.

  • Glad I found a business that I will continue to use!
    Ellis did a great job. He is also a very nice person and is top at what he does. Since the moment that he came in, I was confident that our toilet problem will be fixed very soon. He was very polite and explained everything to me. He had to go on the roof and open the line from there. That cold evening, he made it happen. Glad I found a business that I will continue to use! Thanks Ellis, you were awesome man.

    - Shama A.