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Rooter Guard has become a trusted provider of non-emergency and emergency plumbing services for residential and business customers across Southern California. Our experienced Glendale plumbing experts can handle any job—from a simple faucet replacement to whole-house copper repiping.

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We provide the following plumbing emergency and non-emergency services for residents and businesses in Glendale, CA:

  • Drain Rooter Service: When a drain is clogged it can bring everything to a halt—eventually you may be unable to use a bathroom or kitchen sink at all. Using chemical drain cleaners can damage your drains over time. It’s best to call a professional plumber who has the right tools for the job, like the pros at Rooter Guard.
  • Copper Repiping: Copper is king when it comes to plumbing. Copper pipes resist internal bacterial growth and corrosion, and unlike other types of plumbing, copper is not affected by UV rays, which means it is safe to use outdoors. These are just some of the reasons Rooter Guard uses copper plumbing for a partial or whole-house copper repipe.
  • Installation of New Faucets & Fixtures: It’s easy to purchase a stylish new faucet or fixture from the hardware store. Installing it is another story—that requires expertise. A plumbing professional will ensure the plumbing lines are properly connected and that the faucet fits the opening properly. Don’t risk damaging your plumbing system by installing new faucets and fixtures on your own—call the experts at Rooter Guard.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair/Replacement: Garbage disposals are simple devices, yet they can easily develop problems, from electrical issues to clogs and jams to leaks and strange noises. Rooter Guard will identify the problem and find a solution.
  • High-Tech Hydrojetting: Hydrojetting uses a high-pressure blast of water (up to 3,500 PSI) to unclog sewer and drain lines and clear out grease build-up, sludge, or scale build-up. Hydrojetting is also useful for clearing out lines prior to pipe lining, which involves installing a new plumbing line inside of an old line.
  • Water and Gas Leak Repairs: Water and gas leaks are serious and require immediate attention. A water leak can cause damage to your walls, cabinetry, flooring, furnishings, and personal belongings. Gas leaks can cause a foul smell and can lead to dangerous explosions—that’s why a gas leak is a plumbing emergency. Gas leaks can occur anywhere in the line due to a broken pipe, a loose connection, or other problem. If you have any signs of a gas or water leak, call us right away. We specialize in water and gas line repairs.
  • Pipe Lining: Pipe lining is a cost-effective way to restore a pipe that is leaking, cracked, or corroded. It involves installing a new pipe within an existing pipe—without having to excavate the old line. Rooter Guard inserts lining materials through existing pipe for a simpler, code-compliant, non-invasive solution that can last 50 years or more.
  • Sewer and Yard Drain Repair/Installation: Sewer lines can become backed up or damaged over time. They can also leak, break, corrode, or become bellied (sunken) due to soil conditions. Rooter Guard offers a full range of sewer line services, including main line repairs, sewer line replacement, and sewer line cleaning. We can also install pool drains and yard drains to move water away from your home when it rains.
  • Slab Leak Repairs: Signs of a slab leak (a leak in a plumbing line underneath the concrete foundation of your home or commercial building) include a sudden spike in your water bill, damp carpet or warped hard flooring, a decrease in water pressure, constantly-running hot water heater, mold or mildew smell (or visible signs), areas of the floor that are suddenly hot, and water pooling where it shouldn’t. A slab leak is serious and needs to be addressed immediately. If you notice any of these signs, don’t ignore them—call a Glendale plumber at Rooter Guard right away.
  • Toilet and Sink Repair/Installation: Toilets and sinks are some of the most frequently used fixtures in homes, businesses, and other buildings. Not surprisingly, problems are common. Toilets can leak, become clogged, develop flushing problems, and other issues. Sinks can become clogged or leak. When plunging your toilet or clearing your sink out with a hardware store snake isn’t enough, it’s time to call a professional.
  • Water Heater Replacement/Repair/Installation: Water heaters can stop producing enough hot water when sediment builds up inside the unit—especially in areas that have hard water. They can also leak, or the gas valve on gas units can fail. It can be tricky to identify the source of a water heater problem; that’s why it’s best left to the professionals. Rooter Guard plumbers are trained to repair and install new water heaters.

Our Advanced Technology

To reduce costs and minimize disruption to your home or business, Rooter Guard uses the most advanced technology in the industry to identify the source of a plumbing problem, including:

  • Electronic Leak and Sewer Location: Electronic leak and sewer line detectors help determine the location of a sewer line without digging up your yard. If you’re planning a patio or pool installation or another addition to your home, you’ll likely need to dig, but you’ll need to know what’s underground before you start digging. Contacting your city to determine the precise coordinates of underground sewer, gas, or water lines can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Our electronic sewer line location can help you avoid this hassle. If you have a sewer line leak, our detector can help find its precise location, so we know exactly where to start digging—no guessing games.
  • Video Camera Inspections: Advances in technology have made it possible to see the precise location of a blockage or break in a plumbing line. Rooter Guard sends a small device into your drain and plumbing to find the problem and see how severe it is. This can help us determine the best course of action: whether a repair is possible, or the entire line needs to be replaced. And, since this technology shows us the precise location of the problem, we know exactly where to start.

Available 24/7 for Emergencies in Glendale

Rooter Guard is available 24/7 for rooter services and more. An emergency plumber is always on-call to help with an urgent issue. We service all problems, large and small. Whether you’re a homeowner with a clogged drain or a commercial building owner who needs toilets and sinks replaced throughout the building, we can help. We provide honest, up-front estimates and professional advice on the best solutions for your plumbing issues. Our trusted Glendale plumbing technicians are trained, screened, and drug tested, and we offer a 100% guarantee for all services. We’re committed to quality workmanship and to keeping our customers satisfied and safe.

For more information about our residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services in Glendale, CA, and to learn more about the other locations we serve, special offers, and more, explore our site or contact us today.

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