Bathtub Leaking Through Ceiling and What to Do

A leaking bathtub in a second or third story apartment or house will often times go undiscovered until disaster strikes. If you have a tub on the second or third floor, it may be time to pay attention the telltale signs of a leaking tub.

If your tub is leaking through the sealing, often times you will be able to see “dampening areas” across the ceiling underneath the tub. Additionally, if you find that your tub is draining slowly, this could be an indicator of a problem. Though this kind of situation is a major issue, it is fairly common for people living in multiple-story buildings. If you are having a similar situation, it is best to act as soon as possible.

Identify the Severity of the Problem

If you think your bathtub may be leaking to the ceiling below, you need to act fast. Check to see if you see any signs of leaking in the ceiling below your tub. If you notice that the ceiling is spurting water and your bathtub looks as if it is ready to crash through the ceiling, you will need to remove it as soon as possible.

Call a repairman ASAP to open up your walls and floor to fix the pipes and clean up the water damage that has been caused. Leaving this problem to “fix itself” is incredibly dangerous and will mostly end in disaster. Additionally, trying to fix a problem of this severity will not be easy and should only be attempted by a professional.

Fixing a Leaking Tub by Yourself

If your bathtub is leaking after the shower, this means that there is a leak around your drain pipes. If your bathtub leak has just begun, this means you still have time to act before any real damage is done.

Get some plumber’s putty and put it around the drain to seal up the leak. In addition to the putty, you may want to try replacing the drainage seal to ensure that your bathtub doesn’t start leaking again in the near future.

When it comes to leaks, most of the time, water is just finding its way through loose valves and connections. If you make a habit of regularly tightening and sealing your pipes and valves, you should hopefully never have to deal with a catastrophe that can come from a bathtub leaking through the ceiling.

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