Delta Shower Leaking and What to Do

A leaking Delta shower should be a source of concern. Fixing the leak is an easy process, and with the repair, solutions provided below will guide you in ending the annoying dripping of water.

Before embarking on the repair process, ensure that you have covered the shower drain. This is to avoid the screws and other small components from going down the drain, pun intended. Protect the shower floor or the surface of the tub. You will also need to have a Delta replacement kit since the parts are genuine. Turn off the water supply first and drain the water from the pipe system, and then embark on the repair process.

Step One:

The screw holding the handle is not visible, and you will have to remove the cap first. In an anticlockwise motion unscrew the handle and wiggle it free. You will then see two screws that hold in place the escutcheon trim plate. Unscrew the two screws and pull off the escutcheon plate from the wall to expose the Delta shower faucet.

Step Two:

Carefully slip off the stop tube by firmly gripping it and pulling it outwards towards you. Proceed to remove the brass bonnet using a pair of locking jaw pliers by turning it in an anticlockwise direction. You will then see a cartridge, which you will have to remove. Pull off the plastic cap and firmly grip the cartridge. Wiggle it until it is loose enough to pull it out of the faucet. Compare the worn-out cartridge with a new one from your Delta replacement kit and use plumber’s grease to lubricate it.

Step Three:

With your finger, feel inside the faucet’s body for any corrosion or hard water deposits and clean it off with a rag. Insert the new cartridge from the Delta replacement kit into the faucet’s body. Push the cartridge firmly into place and if necessary, adjust the rotational limit. The new cartridge will come with the manufacturer’s directions of the limit.

Step Four:

Replace the brass bonnet back on the faucet and in a clockwise motion, tighten it in place. Use your hands first to ensure the threads align and use the locking jaw pliers to fix firmly the brass bonnet in place. Wipe down the wall where the escutcheon plate will go, put the outer sleeve on the new cartridge, and firmly push it into place. You can now replace the escutcheon plate and the handle.

If the leak after turning on the water does not exist, you can continue to apply tub caulk around the edge of the escutcheon to seal it firmly to the wall.

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