Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hot Water Heater Damage

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that hot water heater damage is covered by their homeowners insurance. This, however is not the case. To properly understand what your insurance covers, be sure to do your research and purchase additional insurance. In reality, there are only a few situations when plumbing systems may be repaired or replaced in the event of damage.

Replacing Water Heaters

Out of the few instances that will allow for the repair or replacement of a hot water heater, the homeowner must experience widespread destruction throughout the home. One of these instances includes a fire that destroys the entire house and requires the entire home to be rebuilt. Additionally, if a vehicle crashes into your home and destroys the plumbing system, homeowner’s insurance will cover the expenses. Damages to water heaters caused by natural disasters like hail, lightning, wind damage, house fires or the like are typically covered under homeowner’s policies.

Ongoing maintenance problems like failing water heaters, failing supply lines and leaky faucets should be maintained consistently and in great working condition in general. The homeowner must take care of this responsibility and ensure that the plumbing system is not at risk due to improper maintenance.

Analyzing the Damage

In the event that your plumbing system or water heater malfunctions, spills or otherwise causes damage to your home, the homeowner’s or landlord’s policy should generally cover the cost of the damages. In order to confirm this, one should review the details of the policy coverage as some policies only cover partial damages. If coverage does apply, the policy deductible should be applicable to the reimbursement claim for damage repairs.

Warranties and More

Typically, water heaters have a warranty period guaranteed by the manufacturer. These types of warranties are anywhere from three to six years, or even ten years long. However, most warranties are limited to very specific conditions and should be read in detail.

You may need to replace your water heater if you notice rusting, water stains around the base or intermittent hot water. Typically water heaters only last up to 10 years and will need to be replaced after that. The best time to search for a replacement for your water heater is when you have the leisure to shop around for the best price. This means that you’ll want to start looking around before your hot water heater reaches its 10 year anniversary, as you want to avoid having to replace your water heater in an emergency situation.

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