Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Fisher & Paykel has been a leading manufacturer of household appliances for years upon years. They are famous for creating some of the best washing machines in the business. As a person who has used a Fisher & Paykel washing machine for many years, I can say that they are reliable and work just like how a washing machine should. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that a washing machine will eventually have problems. Fisher & Paykel washing machines are no different. This list will show you what to troubleshoot for when it comes to washing machines.

Noise and Vibrations

Fisher & Paykel washing machines, as well as any washing machine, tells the owner if there is something wrong with it. There aren’t any secrets. If your washing machine is vibrating or making strange noises, check all the exterior things first before you check the interior things. Make sure that the machine is on flat ground. Washing machines don’t like being on an uneven surface. Also, make sure to check inside the washing machine where all of the clothes are. There may be some loose debris such as coins that are creating a loud noise.

Machine Isn’t Spinning Properly

If your Fisher & Paykel washing machine isn’t spinning properly, firstly make sure that the load inside the machine is a good quantity. Not enough clothes will mean that the machine won’t spin. Too much will make the clothes to heavy, you will be able to tell whether there is too many clothes in there or not.

Water Coming From The Bottom Of The Machine

If there is any leakage at the bottom of the washing machine, then check the drainage hoses. Make sure none of them are damaged and that they are fitting correctly. Also make sure you aren’t putting too much detergent inside of your machine while you do your washing, simply because this can cause the machine to leak water.

The Machine Constantly Overfills

Make sure that the drainpipe is positioned in a correct position. If it is positioned to low then the water won’t drain out of the washing machine and will just stay inside of the washing machine, causing the water levels to constantly overfill.

Laundry is Still Dirty After Wash

Make sure that the washing cycle that you are using is the correct one. Also, make sure that you are using enough detergent and washing the clothes at the correct temperature. The machine may also be dirty from previous washes, so don’t be afraid to get in there and clean the washing machine out a little bit.

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