How to Fix a Clogged Bathroom Sink

There are certain warning signs that will tell you are about to experience a clogged drain. This is one of the most disappointing thing to happen around your bathroom at the most unexpected moment. Some of the signs include water pooling around your feet at the floor. Unpleasant odors are also a sign that you will soon be faced with a clogged drain.

These conditions can be easily taken cared of if you are eager enough to do it yourself. Most of such clogs can be fixed by anybody in the house by just following a few quick tips. This will surely save you a lot of bucks because you don’t need to call a handyman to do this job for you. Here are a few tips on how to address this issue.

Tips in Fixing Clogged Sinks Access Drains Using Bent Hanger

This is somewhat a very simple option to follow. You just need a regular coat hanger and try to straighten it out. At one end, try to bend it in order to create a hook. You can push this part into the drain and begin to fish. This option will enable you to find a lot of hair and other nasty stuff in there. Try to pull and not the other way around to clear everything of possible obstruction.

1. Apply Vinegar with Baking Soda

Try to mix one-third cup of baking soda with the same amount of vinegar in a bowl. Once the mixture will fizz, pour it down the drain immediately. This chemical reaction will help remove gunk, grime and hair that has possibly built up the pipe. You can let it stand for an hour or overnight if necessary. After which, you can flush it out with boiling water.

2. Applying Dry and Wet Vacuum

If a dry or wet vacuum is present in your home, you can use it to unclog the drains. First off, you can use it to suck up the liquids, then cover the vent to prevent any mess. Cover the drain tightly with the nozzle in it. Turn the vacuum to its highest setting to be able to draw the clog into the pipe and inside the bag.

3. Boiling Water Application

Try to boil not less than a liter of water using a kettle. This is a very easy instruction because you only need to put boiling water into the sink to free up the drain from clogs. Once it boils, make sure to pour at three different intervals to work on the main cause of clogging which can be melted easily.

4. Operating with Caustic Soda

Make sure to protect your eyes and hands to avoid getting in contact with chemicals. Because another effective solution is the use of caustic soda, otherwise known as Sodium Hydroxide. This can burn your skin because of its strong chemical content. This can be purchased from your local hardware shop. Mix three cups of caustic soda in ¾ gallon of water in a bucket. Once it fizzes and heats up, begin pouring it in the drain and leave for about 30 minutes. Finish the job by flushing boiling water and repeat the procedure if needed.

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