How to Install a Dishwasher Drain

Installing or replacing your dishwasher drain is pretty simple. With a few basic tools, you can handle this project on your own. Different dishwashers can have different demands, so keep in mind that these instructions pertain to replacing your current dishwasher drain hose with something more recent and more efficient.

Tools Needed

Keeping that in mind, you will need the following tools to get started:

• Adjustable wrench
• 1 Bucket
• Pliers
• Screwdriver
• Rag
• New drain hose for the dishwasher

Installing Your Dishwasher Drain Hose

Ready to get going? You won’t need a ton of DIY experience to handle this less-than-1-hour project:

• Cut your electrical supply. You can either remove the power cord from the socket, or you can cut off the circuit at the breaker.
• Next, you’re going to remove your drain connection. You will likely find the connection around the drain itself. When you’ve found it, unscrew the nuts that are holding it into place with your adjustable wrench.
• To get to the actual drain hose, you’re going to have to move the device. Loosening the screws will let you remove your brackets, which should make sliding the machine out a breeze.
• In most cases, you can find the drain hose along the left-hand side of the bottom of your machine. Tracing it to the spot where it meets with the cabinet, you will set up a bucket beneath your drain hose connection at your sink, with a rag placed under your dishwasher connection to soak up any water that comes out of the hose. Use pliers to take away your current hose, squeezing the clamp to slide the hose out easily.
• Once you have connected your replacement hose to your drain and dishwasher, you will begin clamping down your connector, ascertaining the hold of your seal.
• Put the dishwasher back in its original place. Be careful with the wires as you move the dishwasher back, making sure not to get anything tangled up. If the wires get tangled up, it can be really difficult later on to replace the drain hose again. Make sure the brackets have been screwed back in, once you have moved your dishwasher into the proper place.
• At this point, you’re almost done. Once you’ve reconnected your power supply for your dishwasher, you will want to test out the new drain. The best way to do this is to take your dishwasher through a quick, simple practice run.

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