How to Install a Sterling Shower Door

Installing a Sterling shower door can be done effortlessly if you have substantial knowledge about this product. But before doing it yourself, try to ensure that everything is in place and all the materials that you need is present. An installation manual should also be included in the product packaging to guide you throughout the process with ease. Here are essential steps for you to follow.

1. Check the Packaging

Prior to installation, you must lay out and determine the parts you need to use and check for possible damage. Put the materials aside after making the inspection and ensure that you put them on a safe area.

2. Measure and Cut the Door’s Bottom Track

Measure the curves from wall to wall, if your shower do have a curve along the corners as they meet on the sidewalls. Cut only the bottom tracks according to your needs if you have worn safety goggles prior to the task at hand. You should also smoothen out the bottom tracks after cutting them accordingly. Don’t forget to caulk the tracks by applying bead sizes on the underside and install the tracks on the ledge within the location that you’ve marked.

3. Installing the Wall Jambs

A wall jamb can be placed on top of the bottom track by aligning the holes in the wall with that of the jambs. Secure the jamb to the wall using the screws provided and repeat, the process for the other wall jamb.

4. Installing the Top Track

Take note that the top track has been designed in order for both sides to be positioned outward in accordance with your preference. Simply measure wall to wall distances over the wall jambs. This will be the length when cutting the top track.

5. Rollers or Inside and Outside Panel Installation

Ensure that the roller’s steel side must be installed opposite the top of the frame flange. Don’t forget to lay the door panel’s outer side on a flat surface in order to protect the glass. Perform the same procedure when considering the inside panel of the roller.

6. Installing the Inside Door Panel

While you can install the inside panel first, you need to perform the steps from the outside of the shower. Just remember that when you install the inside panel, you need to lift the panel with the handle side toward the inner side of the shower. You can then slide the rollers into the track’s top portion.

7. Installing the Seal

Slide the seal into the panel guide and install a bushing onto the opposite end of the panel guide and make sure that the bushings are secured by crimping both ends of the panel guide.

8. Installing the Panel Guide

Do this procedure from the inside of the shower. If you think that you need to tighten the screws more or less, then do so until the exact adjustment has been achieved.

9. Installing the Towel Bar

You can reverse the installation for the towel bar as it is designed to be either faced in or out.

10. The Final Caulking

Make sure that you have cleaned and dried all dirt, dust, and grease along the shower surfaces and bottom track that the caulk will be applied.

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