How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Your home’s bathrooms should feel spacious, luxurious, and relaxing. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. You can create an elegant space, even in the tiniest bathrooms, with a few simple design tricks. Read our tips below and see if you can implement them in your bathroom at home.

#1: White on White

One way to increase the perceived size of a room is too brighten it up. By using light paint, floor tiles, and backsplashes, you’ll be reflecting light around the room, making it appear much more inviting. If you can add a bit of natural light, that is even better.

#2: Negative Space

Negative space is your friend. Don’t just stuff your bathroom with the most storage possible. Instead, consider something like a floating vanity. Being able to see floor or wall space throughout the bathroom will visually expand the area, so don’t just rush to put in massive fixtures with huge cabinets.

#3: A Big Mirror

A large mirror is a common way to make any space look more significant, and works great in the bathroom as well. The mirror will visually act like a window and can remarkably increase the perceived size of a room. If you only have the time or energy to implement one of our tips, this is probably the most useful advice on the list!

#4: Glass Panel Shower

A shower curtain can visually act as a wall and can be a bit claustrophobic for showering. A glass panel can open up your space quite a bit. If you are worried about privacy, consider a tempered or frosted glass look as well. Even just letting a little bit of light through can make your space seem more sizable.

#5: Use Visual Accents

If your bathroom is long and narrow, consider adding visual elements to counteract it. A strong tile accent and the direction of your tile can almost push apart the walls of your space to create a less narrow bathroom.

#6: De-clutter

The more cluttered your bathroom, the more tight and cramped it will seem. If you can try to limit the number of non-essentials in the bathroom. Maybe move the litter box to a different room, or store your first aid kit somewhere else. There’s always a way to make things more streamlined and neat!

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