How to Refinish a Cast Iron Sink

As a cast iron sink is a classic piece in your kitchen, it can add a lot of character to such an area of your home. But unlike any other type of sink, it is more prone to many issues when it comes to maintenance. As you can see, it can rust fairly quickly and only painting it does not bring it back to life. if you want to restore your cast iron sink, you should refinish it to get the best results. Here are the steps top take:

1. Remove the old paint.

While a lot of people want to paint this type of sink because of the black natural look of metal and the rough texture, it does not give a very appealing look to the sink. To refinish it, you should first remove its original paint, which you can do by using a combination of paint thinner and alcohol (though this depends upon the type of paint used on it) followed up by an abrasive method of cleaning using paint scraper and steel wool. Take note that this might take several scrapings and applications, the paint will eventually be removed.

2. Use abrasive measures.

Remember that your cast iron sink is very durable in its construction, that rust will have a difficult time eating through its metal due to its high density. Now, this density is also the same thing that gives this kitchen component the ability to withstand a variety of cleaning and refinishing methods. While you can use a scouring pad or sponge to get some headway in the process, but it is usually not sufficient to remove rust completely. Instead, you can use diamond-coated sanding pads or steel wool as abrasive measures for your cast iron sink. You can even use a power drill or sander to get the job done.

3. Perform some chemical cleaning.

As refinishing a cast iron sink can be very difficult, it can be made easier and simpler with the use of chemicals. The primary chemical that is used in this task is the one called trisodium phosphate, which removes any dirt or grime on the sink’s surface and allows paint and rust removal to be easier. Make sure you wear eye protection and a respirator in this step.

4. Repaint your cast iron sink.

With all the old paint and rust removed from your cast iron sink, you can now repaint it to make it look nice once more. You should use a waterproof, oil-based paint and a dry brush to apply it in a thin layer on the sink. After allowing the paint to completely dry overnight, sand it down gently with a 100-grit sanding block or sandpaper. Wipe it with a tack cloth and then apply another layer of paint. Repeat the process for a third layer of paint and leave it to dry again. Finally, apply a coat of sealer to further protect the paint.

There you have it. By following these steps, you will be able to refinish your cast iron sink!

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