How to Unclog a Drain Clogged With Grease

Saving a few bucks from services involving fixes and repairs can be possible if you are willing to do it yourself. So instead of calling a plumber right away to do it for you, try to apply a fix by learning a thing or two here. Take note that grease clogged in the drain can be very hard to clear, particularly if it has congealed farther down the pipe.

1. Boiling Water Technique

Counted as one of the easiest and the first things that you can do to relieve clogged drains is pouring in boiling water. Although it isn’t a guaranteed solution to unclog drains clogged with grease blockage, minor blockages can be cleared with little effort. Just make sure that the drain has no water. So before doing this, you need to let the remaining water to drain out.

Just make sure that you use the boiling water technique on metal pipes only. Because temperature of up to 175 degrees will surely melt the pipe joints. Instead you can use warm water or with temperature that matches the hot water in your tap.

2. Creating Homemade Drain Cleaner

There are limitations on certain types of drain cleaners when handling heavy clogs. Most of the time, grease can be the result of clogs. However, this is not the first option that plumbers would want you to follow. Instead, commercial drain cleaners are considered a last resort.

If you’re sure that it is because of grease, then make your own drain cleaner out of baking soda and vinegar. All you need to have is one-half cup of baking soda and the same amount for vinegar.

  • Release the baking soda first into the drain and wait ‘til it reaches far down the clog.
  • Follow it up with vinegar so that a chemical reaction will release the clogging.

Take note that it will fizz, so don’t forget to close the lid of the drain. This will take the fizzing action below the pipe to help in relieving the congestion.

  • Clear off the drain after few minutes by flushing about 1 liter of hot water.

3. Purchase a Drain Snake or Auger

If you can’t determine the cause of the clog, then it is best to use a snake that is available in department stores. A drain snake or a long pipe cleaner will be able to push through or pull out anything that is keeping the drain clogged.

Most of the time, hair is the reason for clogging. But sometimes, hair can mix up inside the drain clogged with grease and build up. So if you already have the auger, make sure that you follow safety procedures included in the packaging.

  • Insert the end of the drain snake into the drain and crank it to gather anything that is causing the clog.
  • Stop by the time it reaches a part that you feel is the clog and slowly pull out the snake from the drain.
  • Check if the clog has been cleared by pouring in hot water into the sink.

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