Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser Leaking: How to Repair It

InSinkErator has several models under its hot water dispenser line. Although made with quality in mind and designed to last long, certain factors make issues like leaks possible. While it’s natural to be alarmed, some of the common causes of leaking water dispensers can be remedied without much fuss.

How to Fix a Leaking Hot Water Dispenser

When a hot water dispenser starts leaking, the first thing you should always do is check where the leak is coming from.

If water is leaking at tank connections.
Instructions are presented in the Installation, Care and Use Guide that comes with each InSinkErator dispenser. Aside from following the instructions step by step, you should also double-check to see that each connection is really attached and secure. Here are more details:

Make sure the nylon nut is sufficiently tightened if you have the duratank model. In case the unit uses clamps as fittings, make sure they are securely in place. In case your model is the one with barbed fittings, make sure the tubes are really attached to the fittings.

If you have the quick connect tank, make sure that the water inlet tube is fully inserted. In addition to that, make sure the tubes are really engaged onto the barbed fittings.

The faucet assembly tubes are perpendicular to the tube and are produced with clean cuts and are made free of burr. Doing so ensures that the connection is watertight. If the water inlet tube is shortened during installation, have the installer make the cuts perpendicular to the tube and also make sure that it is free of burrs.

If water is leaking from the tank.
This type of problem requires your dispenser to be serviced. You can go to an InSinkErator authorized service center to have your unit diagnosed. In case your model is still under warranty and the defect is traced to materials or workmanship, you can have your unit serviced by an authorized service center free of charge.

However, if the problem is not caused by a defect and the unit is no longer under warranty, then you have to pay for the expenses yourself.

If water is leaking from under the handle.
Just like the previous problem, if the leak is from under the handle, your model needs to be serviced. The same rules apply for this kind of problem: you don’t have to pay a thing if the unit is still under warranty and the problem is due to defect or workmanship. Otherwise, everything is coming out of your pocket.

If water is leaking at the base of spout.
This is another issue that requires the attention of an authorized service center. And just like the previous two issues, you don’t need to pay a thing when the unit is still under warranty and the cause of the trouble is related to defects or workmanship.

If water is leaking beneath faucet assembly.
If this is the problem, then your dispenser needs to be serviced.

A leaking dispenser is an issue and determining where the leak is stemming from helps you address the issue.

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