Killing Roots in Sewer Line FAQs

Shrub and tree roots can grow inside the sewer line and if not removed, can cause clogging problems. Although cutting the roots that have infiltrated can be done, not all can be removed. Another solution is the use of tree root killing chemicals. Here are some of the most common questions and answer about solving the problem of tree roots in sewer lines:

Q: Is tree root infiltration a frequent problem for homeowners?

A: Yes. According to statistics, about 80% of plumbing emergencies result from blockages in the drains and sewer pipes and the culprits are tree roots.

Q: What type of households experience tree root damage in their sewer lines?

A: All homeowners and even public properties located in areas with trees, especially on streets with longstanding trees are potential victims of root infiltration in their drain and sewer pipes.

Q: Are root extracting chemicals better than cutting the roots manually?

A: There are times that not all roots are cleared when traditional cutting method is used to remove the blockage from the pipes. Chemicals for tree roots that have infiltrated the sewer lines prevent these roots from blocking, cracking and crushing sewer pipes.

Q: If my sewer line is blocked by tree roots, can I have an expert pour root killer chemicals right away?

A: No. Before any chemical is applied, there are certain steps to be followed. The first step is for the blocked drain to be cleared and checked using a drain camera. Then, the tree root that has been blocking the line needs to be cut with a drain cleaning machine. After the roots have re appeared in the sewer line, this is now the time for the chemicals to be applied.

Q: Will the chemical destroy the tree roots?

A: Yes. This is because the root killer contains herbicides will destroy the roots that the chemical encounters.

Q: Can I use this chemical in my toilet and flush to kill the tree roots?

A: No. This might lessen the strength of the chemical when it comes in contact with the copper sulphate products and caustic found in toilets.

Q: Why does it take almost two months after cutting the tree roots in my sewer line before I can use the root killer?

A: Once the tree roots are cut with a machine, the part that has been removed will cause the appearance of sap to heal the wound made from cutting. If chemical is applied during this time, the sap will counter react and will retard the intake of chemicals. If this happens, the process will not be effective.

Q: Are chemical used to kill roots in the sewer line harmful to the environment and the tree itself?

A: It is best to choose a chemical that is non caustic and non systemic. Also, it is only harmful to the tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer line and will only reach short distance.

Q: How long will it take for the root killing chemical to take effect?

A: Expect the chemical to take effect after an hour or two of application to your sewer line.

Q: Can I use the chemical in my washer pipe?

A: No. This chemical is only used for killing tree roots inside your sewer line and septic tank. Do not use it for other applications other than what is written on the label.

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