Noritz Water Heater Troubleshooting

Nortiz has been in the water heating industry for more than 60 years. They were the first to introduce modern, electronically controlled tankless water heaters in 1981. To this day, they remain a leader in hot water delivery for both homeowners and commercial consumers in the United States and Canada.

Although the tankless water heater selection of Noritz is designed to last long, there will always be the issue of minor trouble for their products. But whether the water is too hot or not at all are issues that can be remedied very easily. In short, you don’t need the assistance of a technician just yet. And that’s what this article will address: minor issues that you can solve on your own.

Knowing how to solve simple troubles when it comes to your Noritz water heater saves you a lot of time and money. So here’s a look at some of the common problems and how they can be solved:

Problems During Initial Operation

Problem: Unit doesn’t attempt to ignite when water is running.
Try to check if the water is running. Also check for reversed plumbing or crossed pipes and check the water drain valve filter as well.

Problem: Unit attempts to ignite but fails.
Try resetting the unit then attempt the operation again. The cause of the problem might be air in the gas line. If it still fails, call in a professional and have them check the gas supply pressure.

Problems With Temperature

Problem: No hot water available when a fixture is opened.

Do the following checks before calling in professional assistance:

  • Check to see if the gas and water supply valves are fully open.
  • Check if the water supply has been cut off.
  • Check if the hot water fixture is sufficiently open.
  • Check if the gas is being cut off by the gas meter.
  • Check if the water drain valve filter is clogged.
  • Check if the power button has been turned on.

Problem: No water flows when a fixture is opened.
Check if the water supply has been cut off. Also, check to see if the heater is frozen. Those might be the reasons no water is flowing when a fixture is opened.

Problem: Hot water is not in the right temperature.
This problem is most likely caused by a hot water fixture not being sufficiently open. Try to check if this is the case.

Problem: Water is too hot.
It is possible for the temperature of the water to be higher than the temperature set on the remote controller if the water supply temperature is high. Also, the water temperature can be higher than what’s indicated on the controller if only a small amount of hot water is demanded.

But you can also check if the gas and water valves are fully open. In addition, see if the water temperature settings are set appropriately as well.

Problem: There isn’t enough water.
The temperature can be lower than what was set on the controller when the demand for hot water is very high. To solve this, try to reduce the amount of hot water that passes through the unit. Doing this helps stabilize temperature.

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