Preventing Plumbing Issues In Your Bathroom

Bathroom Repair
For homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, there are a variety of issues that can show up in these modern times. Often times you will find that it’s easy to move forward with life as usual, until something goes wrong and you need to call Rooter Guard to help you. Did you know that there are several measures that you can implement today that will help prevent plumbing issues from getting really frustrating? This might not sound like an easy thing to do, as some homeowners may not be aware of the simple additions that will change the way they see their domicile. Consider the following things that you can do today to help your bathroom avoid simple issues.The Tub/Shower – Starting with the shower and bathtub, you might think that all is well here and for the most part everything will be just fine, except the fact that you will most likely have to deal with back ups sooner than later. Even the most careful of residents will eventually need help due to slow-moving drains. You see, after many showers, the pipes can clog and start to back up water. If this remains stagnant, the clog could force water to move into other areas of the home and even cause sewage back up which would be terrible overall. To avoid this issue, put down a mesh or plastic screen. This will prevent hair and debris from going down the drain and you won’t have to call in a professional after a few months of showers.

The Toilet – It’s best to not flush a lot of paper down the toilet after each use. Instead, try to flush once for solid materials, and be conservative with the paper. You can flush paper products, however, make sure that you’re using interval flushing and not just throwing away a great deal of paper at once. If you put too much down your toilet, it will clog and you’ll be left with no other recourse than to call in a plumber. For light clogs, don’t be afraid to use a plunger.

These two issues are the biggest plumbing problems that you’ll face in the bathroom. Take the same advice in the tub/shower for your sink as well. Whether you’re shaving at the sink, or you are simply washing your face on a regular basis, make sure that there is a screen to capture any debris that could end up clogging the area. With the aforementioned tips, you will have a good running bathroom, but when things go wrong, and you can’t fix them on your own, consider calling Rooter Guard.

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