What is a Toto Toilet

Toto Ltd was founded in 1917 and is recognized as being the largest manufacturer of toilets in the world. The name of the organization is a combination of two words, Toyo Toki, which mean “oriental ceramics.”

There are currently 10 manufacturing plants outside of Japan that manufacture the Toto toilet, with locations including India, Iraq, Indonesia, and the United States.

What Is Unique About the Toto Toilet?

The Toto toilet is a unique fixture that can be added to any home. It works just like any other modern toilet, but it has an added feature to the toilet seat. Once installed, you’ll have an integrated bidet. You can press a button on the toilet or use a remote control to activate the feature.

Once activated, the toilet will extend a wand from the back rim of the fixture. This wand will then spray a jet of water toward the user, just like a traditional bidet would provide. Toto toilets have on-board heaters for the water as well, so you don’t need to worry about being blasted with a stream of ice-cold water after going to the bathroom.

Why Choose the Toto Toilet?

The Toto Washlet model offers a rear cleanse and a front cleanse option. A dryer and deodorizer are included features with the toilet as well. These additional features also come with this innovative design.

  • Automatic lid that opens and closes for the user.
  • A heated toilet seat for added comfort.
  • A pre-mist from the bidet to help facilitate a better cleaning experience.
  • A self-cleaning wand so users can have confidence in the bidet feature.

Toto toilets also provide users with access to electrolyzed water within the actual toilet, even though it connects to a standard water line. When water is electrolyzed, it acts as a disinfectant. It is a product that is often used for cleaning purposes and even in food preparation.

After each use of a Toto toilet, the electrolyzed water sends a mist into the toilet bowl, helping to keep it as clean as possible. This reduces the need for toilet owners to expose themselves and the toilet to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Different models have varying combinations of these features. All, however, have one thing in common: they are often described as the best toilet that has ever been owned.

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